The La Repubblica reported. Several citizens had moved with a full shopping cart to the cash registers and closing called: “in order to stay at home, we have no money and need to eat.”

The Italian interior Ministry expresses are now very concerned about the danger of the out of this concentrated action, and several super markets in Palermo was under police protection. “This is a very delicate Situation, which we follow with extreme attention and, above all, try and targeted contributions in social networks to counteract. It is obvious that in such a crisis, the regions of the Mezzogiornos are particularly vulnerable,” said the “Viminale”, the interior Ministry is popularly called,.

In the Mezzogiorno should approximately be 4 million people of black work life, the absence of state support at the end.

intelligence report warns of revolts and uprisings

A recent secret service report warns the Palazzo Chigi (seat of the Italian Prime Minister in Rome) in front of a “potential danger of revolts and uprisings, spontaneous or organized, especially in the Mezzogiorno, where the lost business and the comprehensive presence of organised crime two very essential risk factors”, reported by “La Repubblica”.

The Roman newspaper also reports of other similar incidents in Campania and Puglia. There, thieves would tear the people with shopping bags easily from the hands.

not a day pass in the meantime that there is at least one armed Robbery of a pharmacy. There are regions in which up to 80 percent of the generated income with Moonlighting would earn. Because 15 days is enough already to keep you on the edge of hunger.

Lidl-plunder could not be prevented

prevent The planned looting of a Lidl-market in Palermo was just in time to the fast-hastily summoned the police. The action was organized by a Facebook group called “Rivoluzione Nazionale”. The group, which was founded on Wednesday, now has more than 2500 members and bears the title: “A nation of sheep can’t have a government of wolves”.

In an entry, it means: “Who is on 3. April is ready for war, sign here and become a member of the group. To make aware of us, we need to RAID the supermarkets as they do in Syria and Spain. The true Protest is exactly so you understand how far it has come with us.“

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