Remember how in the beginning of April, many were buying lemons and ginger? Of course, immunity against a virus — the first case, and it needs to be strengthened. And in this sense we can hope for the miraculous properties of citrus or some other fruits and products, but it is better to understand that the immunity does not occur on impulse, for a few days. Strong immunity is the result of a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.We so often repeat the word “immunity” that did not reflect its significance. Actually in Latin it means “immunity”.The immune system protects our body from all the harmful intrusion, whether viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, as well as from their own “marriage” — for example, cancer cells.In a healthy body, this protection is indestructible. Just think: she can resist such a formidable incursions, such as cholera, viral hepatitis, or pneumonia. However, with the current way of life in a depressing environment, especially in the big cities, and our defense needs to be protected.Not all of us can boast of excellent health and, consequently, a strong immune system. First of all it is important to understand that a single procedure will not help to strengthen it, this system is necessary.While all of us, every day rush to work, rushed through the city between meetings, “do the plan” and the hard-prepared projects, time for rest was not. When we settled at home and started on remote to respond to many dozens or even hundreds of messages a day, while carrying out their normal work and monitoring of children in online school, we became even more tired. And those who have not experienced the increased loads on the isolation, often did not know what to do with myself without work.In General, anyway — everywhere stress. And this is the main reason that reduces our immunity. However, there are others. Consider the main factors of modern life that contribute to it.Stress. With constant psychological discomfort and tension that is causing chronic stress in the body, there are processes that lead to cell death defenders. The immune system is compromised.The lack of sleep. It is a great misfortune of the modern citizen. Doctors say that 8 hours of sleep a night — a prerequisite for recovery and, accordingly, a strong immune system. But who today can afford such a regime?Bad habits. There is a perception that alcohol can relieve stress, and lit — focused. Not at all. Both of these habits reduce the internal defense of the body.Food. One of the main factors, which can both weaken and strengthen the immune system. Wrong food, monotonous food, and the immune system weakened. On the contrary, a balanced diet, providing the body the necessary nutrients, POM��assumed to build enduring protection from enemies.The immune system in the conditions of modern life needs help. And not from time to time, but constantly.Physically active lifestyle enhances immunity and reduces stress levels. Fitness, swimming, running — great incentives. However, enough even morning exercises and regular walks for at least an hour a day. Good procedure — tempering, just need to decide.Proper sleep, relaxation after stress, a relaxing massage with essential oils is also an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But still — laughter. Laugh with or without reason, laugh, laugh to tears!Food is from the word “nourish”. But not all products perform the task. If you do semi-fast food, the stomach will be filled, and nutrients the body would receive a minimum.”Nourish” the body is only a healthy, balanced diet — one in which a sufficient number are present in proteins (it is important to keep a balance of animal and vegetable proteins), fats and carbohydrates. Protein is the Foundation, it rests on our physical health, because without it there can be no growth of the organism or regeneration of damaged tissues. Fats provide us with energy (one-third of total energy consumption) and allow the body to form its reserve Fund in the event of overexertion and stress. Carbohydrates, coming mainly from plant foods, cover the major part of energy consumption.But if fat in the diet of most people in our country, as a rule, enough carbohydrates — often a surplus, then the importance of protein, many of us underestimate. As a result of nutritional deficiency (protein deficiency) affects millions of children and adults. Protein malnutrition accompanied by deficiency of b vitamins, selenium, zinc, calcium, iron deficiency anaemia.Comments gives Irina slime — specialist Herbalife Nutrition — world’s leading expert in the field of balanced nutrition:— Amazing, but without the protein most vitamins simply cannot be absorbed, because one of the protein functions — transport, including the transfer of vitamins.From the point of view of the body protein is the main player in the team immunity. Antibodies are those substances that keep the memory of the infection. And as soon as it appears, then destroy it — of course, if the immune system works smoothly.Signaling molecules with which immune cells communicate with each other, — protein nature. Interferon, responsible for antiviral resistance, too. And do immune cells for its construction and reproduction need protein.Therefore, in practice, people with a protein deficiency more likely to develop and longer to recover.Bad the body without protein, because it is the main Builder��first material of most cells, tissues and organs. When protein a little, reduced muscle mass, however, increases the risk of many diseases. Even mild forms of protein deficiency negatively affect our protective system and its ability to produce an immune response to attacks by pathogens or stress.Protein is essential at every meal — together with an active lifestyle it will help to maintain muscle mass. Regularly getting enough protein, the immune system will be strong and able to withstand the onslaught of the aggressors from the outside or internal failures of the body.But how to determine if the body gets protein? You can tell even by eye.Irina slime, an expert on food:— Perhaps, primarily a protein deficiency will affect the appearance. The hair starts to fall, and spoil the nails. It happens, for example, 3-4 months after a strict diet (the fact that the hair dies, but drops out immediately). Leather, by the way, suffering also decreases its protective function and speed the updates, so she looks older.Then people began to notice that constantly wants to eat, and to a greater extent drawn to sweet: if the diet is not balanced for protein, the body automatically tries to cover the deficit at the expense of carbohydrates and fats. The body becomes flabby, even physical exercises do not lead to an improvement in appearance, because the muscles and skin in need of building material — protein. And very often the consequence of protein deficiency become colds.Speaking globally, in the body difficult to find such a process which would have involved protein. Virtually every biochemical reaction the production is under the regulation of enzymes and the basis of most of them is protein. So no protein, no metabolism.Selecting helpful products, you need to consider the content of protein. Here are 10 of the richest of the products.100 g of product:I. Lizunov, an expert on nutrition:— the Amount of protein consumed, of course, depends on the person, it can not be the same diet for men weighing 120 kg and a fragile girl, in which only 55 kg. And the amount of protein in the diet depends on the purpose. If you want to lose weight and reduce the amount of consumed food, then this should be done not at the expense of protein — it just needs to keep in the diet is necessary. You do remember the lost hair and sagging muscles.If do different types physical activity, in most cases, you will need extra protein. The average protein needs range from 0.8 g per 1 kg of body weight to 1.5 g and more.So, if you, for example, weighs 60 kg, then during the day you should eat at least 48 grams of protein. That’s just how one piece of meat of 250 grams commercials? Or n��large pieces of cheese 6 times a day? And how much protein metabolized? From a mere calculations head can go round and round…Irina slime, an expert on nutrition: Optimal protein to break your meals into several per day. Usually the foods that contain protein, also contain large amounts of nutrients. Furthermore, protein is much better absorbed most of the trace elements. This is one of the reasons why vitamin complexes often recommended to take with food.Protein foods can be combined completely different: for example, eggs for Breakfast, veggie soup, buckwheat and Turkey for lunch, fish with salad for dinner. And maybe the snack — nuts or cheese with berries.An alternative option may be to replace one of the meals for protein shakes. A great example is the Formula 1 from Herbalife Nutrition (Herbalife Nutrishn). This is real food in a glass that contains an optimal serving of protein combined with healthy fats and slow carbs and complex vitamins. Such products help to compensate for the lack of protein in the diet without tedious calculations on calculators BDIM — that’s why they are called functional.Proteins — it’s mostly food of animal origin. And there are so many supporters of plant foods! Is it possible to find a compromise? And what should be the reasonable ratio in the diet of proteins of vegetable and animal origin?Irina slime, an expert on nutrition:— In Russia there is an official document are the Norms of physiological needs for energy and nutrients for different population groups of the Russian Federation, approved by chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation of 18 December 2008 In the Chapter “nutrition” there are clear indications in the daily diet for adults the recommended proportion of proteins of animal origin — 50% of the total, for children at 60%. This is because with high-quality, complete proteins that are easily digested, animal products (meat, eggs, dairy products) are composed of large amounts of saturated fats. And their excess harm the cardiovascular system.But actually, in Russia there is a problem: many malnourished fibers of vegetable origin. The fact that the protein in cereals, vegetables and fruits are usually not fully digested, sometimes even lost 2/3 of protein and it is often not balanced in amino acids (the building blocks of proteins).Mushroom protein is digested and does bad — about the fourth or fifth part. Even such popular sources of complete protein like legumes (peas, beans, soybeans), often put him in a body much smaller than the animal products.And the second point: in addition to the legumes of the protein in their composition contain quite a lot of coalwater that can have a negative impact if the person watching their weight.A good exit here can be the use of soy protein isolate. It is a complete plant-based protein with a very high absorption coefficient up to 99%. He is cleared of fats and carbohydrates, and thus deprived of the negative effects beans.An example of such a product from the Nutrition company Herbalife (Herbalife Nutrishn) — protein blend Formula 3. She has a high protein content, but no taste, so the product can act as a Supplement to already mentioned cocktail, and soups, and even baking — if you care to see your diet consisted of such important plant protein.By the way, vegetarians sometimes also it is difficult to get enough protein due to incomplete assimilation of it from plants, and high-quality isolates for these diets Formula 1 and Formula 3 can also be very good helpers.Recently become a popular protein diet. The Internet is full of them and the revelations, saying that a month has suffered a minus of 5 kg, it is time to finish. Mainly protein diets are addicted to when they want to lose weight. But a balanced diet is always preferable to a diet with a bias in favor of certain nutrients. Yes and a month “bombing” protein is unlikely to have lasting effects.And even if you can stock up on protein for the future by going on a high protein diet, say, for a few months?Irina slime, an expert on nutrition:— Being incredibly important component of body protein, meanwhile, does not have any special depot. The depot fat there is under the skin and around internal organs, depot of carbohydrates is glycogen, which can accumulate a reserve in the muscles and liver. But protein is ourselves. And as soon as protein becomes scarce, the body begins to consume its own tissues, particular muscle, that is, to eat himself.Unfortunately, “eat” it for the future is also impossible. First, not all of the protein, which is used to digest. If simultaneously eat a large protein portion, some of it just goes into the scrap (sorry, potty). And secondly, to grow, say, muscle tissue, you need to consume enough protein, but also to do physical exercise, only then you will grow muscles, and with them the amount of protein in the body.For publicity