infection of the novel coronavirus infection was caused by one of the residents of UK, manic state, during which he confessed to his wife in numerous homosexual relationships.. Case described in the medical journal BMJ Case Reports.

the 41-year-old Briton admitted to the hospital in early April. Before hospitalization, he had for ten days was observed dry cough and fever, then a man during the day complained of a severe headache. At night, he awoke and announced that he was dying. “While the ambulance was traveling, I told my wife that had sex with men (mostly before the wedding), though heterosexual,” he says.

Test for coronavirus showed that the man is sick COVID-19. In addition, the doctors raised concerns about his mental state. He was excited, constantly talking, trying to touch the hospital staff and asked obscene questions. Then he showed delusions of grandeur with religious elements: in particular, he tried to monopolizing other patients with water. “I got the impression that I was in a TV show, where I was sent back to the future to save the National health care system, — says the man. — I was wondering how it will end”.

the Patient was transferred to ICU and connected to ventilator. Two days later respiratory symptoms associated with COVID-19, gone. however, the mental state continued to deteriorate. On the eighth day because of the uncontrolled behavior of the patient it took the intervention of security. After that he was sent to a psychiatric hospital. After 12 days the man was discharged.

the Authors of the work published in BMJ Case Reports, it is believed that a manic patient’s condition could be attributed to the influence of COVID-19 on the Central nervous system.