Still husband Telegin are not filing for divorce with Pelageya

Ex-boyfriend Pelagia Ivan Telegin in no hurry to file for divorce with the singer for a publicity stunt. During the online concert, the 33-year-old actress stunned his audience by the statement – it is still the official wife of a hockey player, despite the fact that the athlete for several months now lives with the owner of a tourist business Maria Gonchar.

“Ivan – yet-husband, we divorced,” notes the actress.

Social networks immediately assumed – I Telegin is greed. After about parting with Pelageya, the whole country would know, Ivan has long been the Central character summaries, and has become almost more popular than the more famous Alexander Ovechkin. Sports experts say that in the new season, Telegin is very rarely went out on the ice, didn’t get in the team and generally did not differ as an individual. Marry Potter Telegin in no hurry, preferring to visit the pages of pretty girls in Instagram.

It should say that and Pelagia for which the separation with Telegony was a painful blow, was criticized during his speech. When people hurried to ask how the artist who took the man of the family parried R Khan – anything wrong she did, more – former lover of Ivan Pelagia communicates with a friend.

“We communicate with her, send each other pictures of our kids She is very beautiful girl, a great mom, she’s fine, she’s happy, she no conflict, no drama. But who soon will fly the boomerang, and for that — life will show”, – it summed up.