the Processing of pork fell by 25 percent. By estimations of the White house official, quoted by the information resource in the future could shut down other businesses that would have reduced refining capacity in the country by 80 percent. Consumers were facing a deficit of beef, pork, poultry and fish on supermarket shelves.

And farmers would have nowhere to take the animal and had to euthanize them EN masse, which for many would mean bankruptcy. For example, according to the head of the agriculture Committee in the U.S. House of representatives Collin Peterson, farmers would have daily to euthanize about 60-70 thousand pigs. The white house initially said that the threat to food security of the country. But as soon as the company one by one were closed or reduced the amount of processing, the administration has matured to coercive measures. Now the food plants included in the list of critically important infrastructure and must continue. The government will provide employees at these companies an additional means of personal protection. In addition, the White house instructed the Ministry of labour to develop a manual to reduce the risk of infecting the employees of the slaughterhouses.

the basis for the decree trump became the Law of the production of military products (eng. Defense Production Act), enacted in the days of the Korean war (1950-1953). Earlier, trump had already used them in order to oblige the automotive factory produce equipment for artificial lung ventilation, because the hospitals had an acute shortage of such devices for patients with coronavirus.

British Prime Minister receives congratulations: his son was born. The head of government can be called the father of many children: he has four children from a previous marriage with a famous lawyer Marina Wheeler and one child from his ex-girlfriend, art expert Helen MacIntyre. Thus, Johnson becomes the fourth Prime Minister of Britain, which the child is born during the stay in Downing street – and the first head of government for 250 years, marrying in the period of stay in power.

Take your newborn residence in Downing street, 10 is also Tony Blair, David Cameron and Lord John Russell. As the mother of a newborn child of Boris Johnson, Carrie Symonds gets the title of “the first partner of the current Prime Minister and the mother of the firstborn son of the Prime Minister”. Spread on the topic of his family life Johnson does not like, claiming that voter these things interested in the least. Recently on a question – how many children he had and whether he was involved in their upbringing, Johnson said, “I don’t think people wants to hear about it. People want to hear how we’re going to deliver Brickset”.

Chapter brie��anskogo government just returned to work after his experiences of the dramatic month of the fight against Covid-19. 32-year-old Carrie Symonds admitted that she was worried sick throughout the “dark days” while Johnson struggled with the coronavirus in intensive care. She Carrie Symonds was already at the last stage of pregnancy was diagnosed by the presence of coronavirus, but suffered its infection without serious consequences.

Prepared by Olga Dmitriev (London)