Currently, there is major uncertainty about whether the schools can resume after the Easter holidays, back the operating. Teachers were instructed by the Ministry of culture, provisional grades of up to 15. To find April.

A confirmation that the schools be closed until the summer holidays, not like this, however, the Ministry of culture of lower Saxony, at the request of You prepare, however, to this scenario.

According to current estimates, the Ministry of education assume that the operation of the school on 20. April anlaufe. You will take on point of view – only from the 14. April will be discussed in a meeting of the lower Saxony state government, whether the infection happen to be allowed to resume the operation of the schools or not.

Ulrich Schubert, spokesman of the Ministry of culture, pointed out, however, that these notes would initially be no early testimony: “they also no decision on possible further school closures. We collect this usual procedure, as a precaution, the data that we can access all sorts of decisions.”

Minister of culture Grant Hendrik Tonne, however, in both scenarios, little problems: “If the schools must be closed until the end of the school year, when full-year subjects, the marks of the first semester of the school year, as well as the assessment of the seven weeks in the 2. School half-year and up to the date of the school closure on the 13. March the basis for the determination of the grades,” explained the Minister of culture in the process.

Therefore, it follows from the seven weeks, in the second half of the year to 13. March already teaching a measurable period of time has been quite.

theses, Whether the theses of the school year take place, are not on the Dump

also on. The schools should be on 20. April, again, would be open initially only for the oral examination in the first foreign language taken here, schools should plan according to the Ministers responsible for appointments.

in the event that the schools must no longer remain closed, one would also need to move the dates of the final written work.

As a fallback date for this scenario, English the 8, be for the subject. June, for the subject of English of 10. June and for mathematics of the 12. June has been announced. The catch, however, is that the schools to ensure, at the latest on 25. May have to open and: “An intensive exam preparation for the pupils concerned is possible,” says ton of the situation and concludes: “Should not be in this suspended time to keep the plan, would account for the completion of trials without replacement.”

No free ride for sitters

Also, subjects were only issued in the second half of the year, or should be, should be taken into account according to the ton: “you will only be considered if they can contribute to compensate for weak performance in other subjects, or to improve the grade point average both in the case of dislocations, as well as in the financial statements.”

In case of doubt, i.e. for the students. This is the view of the Association of lower Saxon teachers includes. The Chairman Torsten Neumann told Focus Online “Ultimately, you should evaluate the software for the students.” This should not be a free pass for students, which are practically fixed, that they remain seated.

cancellation of the exam remains the Ultima Ratio

“The Minister of culture does well on a sustained crisis, or even exacerbation, which does not allow for the usual tests. Schools should not be opened prematurely, and as a multiplier of the Virus serve,” warns Horst Audritz, Chairman of the lower Saxon philologists Association.

The output of the Abitur would have to at the latest 9 to. July be made a timely application to colleges and universities up to 15. To ensure the July. Ton: “the shifts beyond that date can only be considered if the application is moved forward at universities and universities of applied Sciences as well.”

Should be pushed in the rear schedule is not complied with, would account for the examinations and the baccalaureate on the Basis of the grades in the four previous school years be issued.

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