Moscow students of 4-11 grades are invited to participate in a robotics competition. The event is organized by the Center of excellence.

This is a team competition that consists of three stages. The first autumn, will be held online. The participants need to collect the robot to shoot a video in which he performs the task, and send the video to the jury. Registration and submissions will be held until December 18 at the contest site. Here you can see the rules of participation, assignments and preparation materials.

in Winter, the resource centers will host the qualifying stage, the winners of which will participate in the city finals. It is scheduled for February.

the Competition is held in three age categories. The team consists of one or two participants and coach. Tasks do not involve restrictions on the use of equipment and materials for the manufacture of the robot that allows any mug of robotics to take part in the Olympics.

In Moscow are actively developing a variety of projects on educational robotics. In most Metropolitan schools and centres of additional education circles work of the robotics and construction. The lessons in this direction are underway in a number of educational institutions in the framework of the subject “Technology”. Also throughout the year, hosts robotics competitions: all-Russian Olympiad on technology, Moscow Olympiad in robotics Olympics of the center of excellence in robotics, “Tournament of two capitals”. This year in the framework of the robotic online seasons took remote contests “Robodome and Rabotiaga”.

the Laboratory of engineering educational projects of the center of excellence with the support of the teachers ‘ Association holds regular robotics competitions robotics projects, intensives, master classes and workshops for children of different ages. Olympiad robotics of the center of excellence is held in 2018.