18 may offer a set of online summer camp “Kibernet — 2020” for young people aged 11 to 17 years. Participation in shifts. Online camp is based at the branch of the Moscow centre “the Patriot. Sport” — school № 868.

“the Online camp is an opportunity not just to continue to learn during summer vacation but also to develop in different directions. The child will be able to understand that he’s more interested in programming or linguistics, foreign languages or the Sciences. Children often believe that they have abilities to some disciplines just because they do not have time for the rest of the class or understand the material the first time. Webinars as part of the camp will be lead by experienced teachers and experts in interactive and accessible form. Participants will be able to take a new look on General subjects, but also to try yourself in demand occupations, to applied skills and, of course, to find like-minded people who want to realize their ideas,” — said the Director of the center “Patriot. Sports” Matthew Govorushenko.

the Virtual camp will be held from 1 to 14 June and from 15 to 28 June.

On weekdays during the two weeks the students will be able to participate in master classes, trainings, webinars and e-sports tournaments. Classes will be lead by experienced teachers of cyberscore, teachers of Metropolitan universities, and professional eSports. In between the lessons participants can expect a dynamic workout, gymnastics for eyes, and even sessions with a choreographer. br>
During the training, students will learn how to develop mobile apps, computer games and scientific projects. They will also be able to learn the basics of programming in an artificial language C#, to take courses on the geography of eSports and English.

as part of the course. br>
First camp “Cyberlite” accepted students in July 2019. Then it was attended by over 250 students of Moscow schools. All were organized in five shifts, each of which was dedicated to one cyberdissident and ended with a sports tournament.