Testing of the spacecraft Starship, designed to send cargo and people to the moon and Mars, were successful. The fourth prototype vehicle passed the cryogenic test on the test bench and will soon have to fly to a height of 150 meters.

This test is not passed in the previous three prototype Starship. The test involves filling the fuel system with liquid nitrogen to verify whether the ship to withstand the operating temperatures and pressure, which provides the flight.

This week, engineers will install a prototype of the new Raptor engine which will also bench test. The company SpaceX has developed the engine specifically for the Raptor Starship, and the final design of the ship involves the installation of six engines. But while SpaceX uses only one engine Raptor and will increase their number in the next prototypes. For example, the fifth prototype vehicle will get three engine.

After testing the “Raptros” SpaceX intends to send a prototype in a small flight at the altitude of 150 meters, after which the ship will have to land, as do the Falcon 9 rocket.

In parallel, SpaceX is upgrading Starship and contributes in its design many changes, and has already begun production of the fifth prototype Starship.