Artists who survive in our day of rampant ruin, pulling for the other entities: under attack proved to promoters, Directors, organizers, owners of venues. We asked the organizer of exclusive events Digiline Melnikova to find out what the losses borne by show business in General from the abolition of cultural events.

the Current crisis powerfully hitting the pockets of native artists. The scale of the devastation each can be considered indefinitely. Digiline Melnikov, businesswoman and host of special events, told honestly how much cost performances of domestic artists to the crisis and what will happen to artists in the near future.

– on average, any star running 5-6 or more events in a month, not counting appearing on television, says Nigrina. – There were also tours of approximately 1-1. 5 months. The tour usually prepared at least a year in advance. Sometimes, in round 1-4 is a blank day, in this moment a star can fly to someone at corporate, if fused logistics. After the private event, the artist continues to tour.

In major Russian cities a decent number of concert venues with a capacity of more than 5,000 people, what’s the loss?

– If you count the losses back to the numbers. Take the usual concert venue here

need to know the price of one days rental is important. Star in a situation if you don’t cancel speech often loses less than the organizer. For her it’s more of lost profit. And, inviting the artist, immediately allocates the budget. The average price of the artist varies from 20-30 thousand euros. But, for example, Svetlana Loboda worth 100,000 euros, approximately 80,000 Euro cost of its household and technical rider. The budget allocates, as a rule, any company that invites or distributors in the city. The ticket falls on the shoulders of distributors. His task includes the rent of the hall , provision of the rider, the light installation, conducting of advertising companies and the payment of the fee. Typically, the rental company is also a sponsor, because alone on the ticket to go will not work. In a crisis, losing money all: no people, no movement.

– is There some relief to the urban sites?

– If a concert venue is private funding from it. As for the state, for example, downtown DC, then they have the losses small, because the year before all the planned performances, the organizers already have a budget, which is won on the tender. The budget allocated for the year and then divided into planned holidays calendar circle: Russia Day, youth Day, city Day, March 8, New year, Respectively, if there is no intervention – the budget remains.

You do what organized concerts, can privèSTI an example of a specific loss?

I work for different profiles, photo or video shooting, advertising , design. I might, for example, to make renting a Banquet hall where you can work star. With regard to the specific example: we did an exhibition in Gostiny Dvor, where the rental day cost one million rubles, but the price may vary, depending on the event. Considering that 24.03 canceled all entertainment events, it is easy to calculate the loss of only one site. And we affects only the rent for the event, not including the rental inside the area cafes and restaurants.

Some of the artists have suffered even less than the plots on which they worked?

– One thing is for sure: the more suffering the side that pays. If artists were prepaid over these dates, they are just frozen, or burned. And now artists do concerts out of the house, on different digital platforms trying to make, but it’s funny, doing paid gigs online. Of course, the stars of the first echelon now just sit at home, live on their stocks of rare musicians go on shootings, but I don’t think the channels will be to them for it to pay dearly.

– it Turns out, the most devastated were the organizers of the concerts?

– the Promoters who organize tours to the stars, has been hit hard. But the artists themselves just with rounds not really a little received. Believe me, at corporate events any star earned so much more. The average cost for corporate in Russia 500000 rubles – for a private event where you need to go 40 minutes and work life. If the artist operates tour, there is no such money as in the corporate.

Who paid for the performances of our stars at corporate?

Very cool-the professional corporate events, our oil companies in early September. During the holidays, the artists earned well – there Sanchez big. I previously said that 500,000 rubles performance is evaluated, but in the New year a star stands above a million rubles. Plus there are events that do not depend on the season, this is when a company, for example, celebrates the feast inside the Corporation. Officials from one team going somewhere, say, to a seminar in this period often order artist.

– What time of year the most profitable for the artist?

– Since the beginning of September: autumn, winter. How to begin the holidays in corporations, all the artists were enriched for a few months in the summer, our stars often rested, some went on tours.

What are your predictions on the situation in the showbiz, when the stars are something you can earn?

– What happens now, nobody knows.Assume that the artists will work on goskontsert and on their tours. Only in 2022 will be restored tocorporativa. Although ethnic weddings will always be. And in a big way!