the 75th anniversary of the victory of St Petersburg will present videoconcert “Music of Victory” with participation of the best singers of the Northern capital.

the Stars of the Mariinsky theatre Alexei Markov, Vadim Kravets, Ekaterina Sergeeva, Irina Mataeva, Grigory Chernetsov, Alexander Trofimov, Karina Chepurnova, Mr celebrovsky sing songs of the war years. Given the current realities in the empty hall.

the Applause sound, but we are confident that his skill and warmth of the votes of the Opera star will be able to reach the hearts of every audience – say in the team Dance Open, which organized the concert by order of the St. Petersburg Committee for culture. In their performance they put not only the strength and the truth of war stories, but they live and sincere feelings that overwhelm each of us. Us again, just as 75 years ago, you need to feel hot to support each other and find unconditional faith in victory, that humanity has passed through terrible trials, and defeated fascism, will overcome all.

the concert program “Music of Victories” included two dozen military songs. Viewers will see a series of mini-shows, put on tunes and stories of the great songs: “Bow to those great years”, “In the dugout”, “may waltz”, “Eternal flame”, “Dark night”, “Cossacks in Berlin”, “let’s smoke”, “the Song about far Homeland”, “Random waltz”, “little Blue modest kerchief”, “We need one victory”, “Because we are pilots”, “darkie” and, of course, “Victory Day”.

Legendary and recognizable from the first chords of “For life” sounds especially symbolic words of gratitude to doctors and nurses, who, as then, again today, was on the front line – note in orgkomiteta project.

the concert was held on the stage of Saint-Petersburg theatre of musical Comedy, and this has its own symbolism. All the siege without interruption, the theater worked for Leningrad. And different parts of the front and in hospitals brigade of the Leningrad theatre of musical Comedy has given over a thousand concerts.

a Gala concert “Music of Victories” will be shown may 8 at 19.00 at the TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, as well as in his social networks. The replay will take place on may 9 at 16.00.