While the documentary ‘Tiger King’ right now taking the world by storm, so is more of a tv series starring the not-so-excited about.

They believe, in fact, they were tricked with the crazy Netflix series on false basis.

the Three of them are Bhagavan ‘Doc’ Antle, Jeff Lowe and Carole Baskin, who claim that they had no idea their interviews would end up in so sensational a documentary.

The massively hyped documentary, which right now is the most viewed on Netflix, follows the U.s. ‘kings’ of the country’s surprisingly many private tigerreservater.

the main character is both flamboyant and skydegale Joe Exotic from Oklahoma, who love both the dynamite and the young men, just as much as he hates his real life rival Carole Baskin, who runs the competing ‘Big Cat Rescue’.

She is accused in the series to have beaten his millionaire ex-husband to death and fed him to the tigers, while Joe Exotic allow themselves to interviewing in the prison, where he is sitting inside to have ordered contract killings on her.

And Bhagavan ‘Doc’ Antle and Jeff Lowe thought, actually, that the whole of ‘Tiger King’ was to act on the two rivals ‘ wild history. Actually thought Bhagavan ‘Doc’ Antle, that he had been interviewed for a completely different tv show of his good work for the conservation of wild animals in Sumatra, he claims.

But in the ‘Tiger King’ helps Bhagavan ‘Doc’ Antle instead, as the holder of both a tigerpark and a sexkult with young teenage lovers, while Jeff Lowe himself is fond of both cats and ladies and takes a suitcase filled with leopardunger to Las Vegas in order to lure women up in the guest room – is the villain, who is trying to, in general, Joe Exotic and his life’s work.

“It was not mentioned that I took part in a series about Carole and Joe. I got maybe a dozen questions about the two out of several hundred others, and I was saying that I did not want to participate in a series of their rivalry. It is not something for me. Keep me out of it,” says Bhagavan ‘Doc’ Antle according to People for the TMX.news.

Also the story of the alleged harem of young, beautiful dyrepassere dressed in leopard print, which all had to be in a relationship with him, believes he is strong exaggerated.

“I’m a single guy. My wife died 25 years ago – the mother of my son and daughter, my youngest – and I have never been married since. I have boyfriends. I am a singlefyr,” he says.

“the Girls, as the shows are my employees’ wives, who live in the park. It is my grandchildren, my grandchildren’s fiance, it is my son’s fiance. It is a selection of women who sacrifice their time for the team. Half of the team are men. Do you see any men in the series? They have cut them all out, so it looks as if there are only women on the site.”

Also, Jeff Lowe, who has taken over Joe Exotics tigerpark, is unhappy with the Netflix series. He is not the villain he is being portrayed as, and which appear to both lie, threaten, and charm to the acquisition, he tells the TMX news.

“They tell 10 percent of the story, and the production of ourselves as somebody, who steal the park from Joe, is really unfair, for we came to help him. We got it on its feet again,” he says.

Finally, we have Carole Baskin, who runs the ‘Big Cat Rescue’ in which she by his own admission, rescues big cats from miserable life in the parks as Joe Exotic while she’s in the series are portrayed as a hypocrite by even to keep the animals in captivity.

She believes, first, that it is completely unheard of, that the documentary uses a whole section to roll out her ex-husband 20 year-old mysterious forsvindingssag and insinuate that she has killed him and fed him to her tigers.

On its website, she says, moreover, that she had been interviewed for the series in the belief that it should act solely on animal rights.

To the corresponding show’s creators that the story evolved in front of their eyes, while they made the series.

“Carol was talking about his personal life, his childhood, ill-treatment from both her first and second husband, her ex-husband Don Lewis’ disappearance. She knew that it was not just… because of the things she told about, it is not ‘Blackfish’,” says director Eric Goode to Los Angeles Time.

Here he refers to the documentary ‘Blackfish’ from 2013, which focused on the spækhuggernes miserable lives in SeaWorld.