Olga Pavlovets is one of the most successful Actresses of contemporary cinema, the heir to an acting dynasty. At the same time, the actress is one of the most secretive of the stars of the screen.

Despite the beauty and stage success, the share of Olga dropped a lot of grief. She went through a divorce with her first husband, Dmitry Shcherbina, after whom fate has dealt her a terrible blow — the death of a son from his first marriage. Four-year Prokhor drowned during a summer vacation at grandma’s. Then Olga fell into a deep depression.

back to life helped her new relationship with Ivan by Shebanova and new pregnancy. Olga gave birth to a son Makar. But family life soon again came to nothing, both actors, Ivan and Olga was torn between relationships and professional responsibilities between St. Petersburg and Moscow, where he was busy at work. Marriage ended by mutual consent, but friendly relations were able to keep.

And three years ago, Olga was born another son. However, with his father, the actress has no relations and did not even call anyone his name.

Today, Olga demanded in profession actress and happy mother, who herself has two sons: 10-year-old Makar and 3-year-old Andrew.

In a conversation with “MK”, the actress first spoke about the difficult fate, the difficulties in the profession and the difficulties of parenting sons. And shared experiences, dreams and plans for the future.

Olga, how did you survive the isolation?

— In the period of isolation felt by the mother in the first place. In the work schedule I have very little free time, and I don’t spend much time with children. The constant trips, shooting takes a lot of time, but every free minute I devote to sons. But all three months that we were sitting in quarantine, I forever held the post mom proud!

— Who helps you with the kids when the shooting last 14 hours?

— helps Me a lot with my parents, they are lovely. Always come to the rescue, to the rescue.

— During the time of isolation of the missed shots or the rest of them?

of Course, I miss you! This is a huge part of my life. Work, feeling, communication. But on the other hand, self-isolation gave an opportunity to rest. I felt comfortable to be at home with children.

During the period of isolation have not gained extra pounds?

— I quickly lose weight. For me to get better — not critical. A couple of days of restrictions in food, and I’m back in form.

Do sports to keep in shape?

— all does not inspire me. I found the perfect way to keep fit — daily long walks with the kids. On a diet I’ve never been, although I admit that I was feeling quite skinny, love to be very slim. If you need to lose weight, just do not eat sweet, fatty, drink more normal water.

Do you have any bad habits?

I smoked, talking about it honestly. I liked the aesthetics of the smoke, but I always quickly leave when they learned that you’re expecting. Psychologically I’m not prone to addictions. In terms of fun filming could not afford this weakness. But now don’t smoke for a few months, and is not drawn.

You recently bought apartment?

” Yes!” It is my great pleasure and headache. (Laughs.) The apartment I got killed in the state, but I really liked the layout and views. When I first came, I felt all the “charms” of the former marginal owners, but something jolted, and I realized that it is possible to make “candy”. Apartment in the old Fund rarely successful. Plus I love the city, street the roar of the Avenue, so the options are apartments, which the Windows looked out into the yard, I was not satisfied. In my new apartment, all the Windows on noisy street, and I am very pleased.

Boys thinking about their future profession? Maybe the actors want to go?

yeah, Maybe I am, we have not discussed it. But the eldest son, I jokingly say, “Makar, you will not learn, will go to the artists!” Although, to be honest, I see that he has the actor’s nature, the more than boys are more willing to take in a theater. This is us girls are more complicated, because the competition between them is higher. As said before at the theatre Institute: “Pants always fit.” I really want to have sons had a good education, symbiosis knowledge that they could use them effectively in real life.

— Do you have the desire to quit acting?

no way, of course. Nerves, in moments of fatigue, frustration, inner semilunate. So for myself, I realized that very important break, switching from work. Now often think it would be nice to have passive income. However, yet figured out how to do so. (Laughs.)

— How do you spend free time?

— I love to paint. This is what helps me to relax, I love classical music. To the question about the dream, maybe in the future I will be able to organize the festivals for young talents: young artists, musicians, actors — all in need of assistance.

have You ever felt envy of colleagues?

— Yes, of course. People are jealous that they themselves would like to. But the envious person does not know what lies behind external well-being, it’s just a wrapper. Have the happiest people have their own sorrows and experiences which remain “behind the scenes”. This is a normal course of life. Envy the happiness of man, you will return all of his bitterness, in a cruel twist of fate, so do not look at others.

— do people recognize You on the street?

— it Happens. Peopledifferent for me to react. Sometimes with emotion happen to inappropriate behavior. But I’m used to, I try not to pay attention. I spend time the fans in social networks often respond to their questions about personal.

— Please advice?

— Which I don’t like to give… Often write women who have experienced a similar situation as my heroine in serials, movies. The viewer often can’t separate you from your on-screen image. So between me and the fans must be a distance, a mystery.

rumors about yourself annoy you the most?

— Sometimes you read something about yourself and think: God, why did I say that! Journalists often information is presented too sugary. I understand that talking about art and poetry that are interesting to me, like a small number of people, for the “masses” is not necessary, what is more interesting is who slept, met, parted. But I in any case I will not chase the scandalous news. Even in social networks I am a rare visitor, although I could afford the advertising or the endless barter, but it’s not my way, definitely. I have, thank God, have a job, and millions in Instagram I’m certainly not earn.

How do you feel about Nude scenes in a movie?

Is the question about what I’m ready for the role. It all depends on the material. I have had scenes of “nudity”, not hollow, of course, there were nuances. In these works, I always trusted people, it is important that such shooting was always justified.

photo Shoot Nude welcome?

— there have Been attempts of journalists and photographers to lure me, but no. For me definitely not. Rather, I will act Nude for any good scientific journal, it is somehow unexpected and peculiar. (Laughs.)

Children communicate with their fathers?

the Eldest son, of course. They have a very good relationship. I ex-husband (Ivan Shibanov) friends, we have never had a problem. But the younger not.

— Today your heart is free?

— Sons are my favorite men. The answer is that my heart always rejoices the senses. (Laughs.)