The heroes of the cult musical by Roman Polanski took to the stage of the theater on the Italian stage on September 3, 2011.

The audience loved the ironic and sensual story about vampires and eccentric hunters for them. For ten years, the project remained in the repertoire, the musical had an army of thousands of fans, a new generation of viewers grew up.

Director Cornelius Baltus (Holland), choreographer Dennis Callahan (USA), artist Kentaur (Hungary) worked on the Russian version of the play by Michael Kunze and Jim Steinman. Each participant of the performance, including the choir and ballet artists, passed three stages of the most difficult casting. The main roles at the premiere were performed by artists Ivan Ozhogin, Elena Gazaeva, Andrey Matveev and Georgy Novitsky.

The director of the concert version is Alexander Sukhanov. Famous arias from the musical will be performed by: Ivan Ozhogin, Elena Gazaeva, Alexander Kazmin, Andrey Matveev, Kirill Gordeev, Alexander Sukhanov, Manana Gogitidze, Natalia Dievskaya. Also on the stage – Anton Moshechkov as a Puppet, artists of the choir, ballet and ensemble. Alexey Nefedov is at the conductor’s desk of the theater orchestra.

On September 7, the only concert show for the anniversary of the Russian premiere will take place, but the general director of the theater, Yuri Schwarzkopf, noted that he hopes that this will not be a one-time event. “Probably, at the end of December or at the end of January we will play several performances,” he said.

Over the past 10 years, the play “Vampire Ball” has been played 439 times in St. Petersburg. He was also taken to Moscow.

For the first 3 years of rental-from 2011 to 2014-the play won not only the audience, but also won the recognition of the theater community, receiving several prestigious awards: “Golden Mask”, “Golden Soffit”, “Musical Heart of the theater” and the prize of the Government of St. Petersburg. “The Vampire Ball” returned to the St. Petersburg stage four more times: in the fall of 2016, in the summer of 2018 and in the winter and summer of 2019.