André Krzykowski from Oer-Erkenschwick is a video journalist and editor at the NRW-regional news on SATELLITE.1. The evening began for him with bad news. He stumbles with the first question! For 50 Euro Jauch wanted to know: “First you announced the top edge of the …?” Otter, Beaver, Badger, Raccoon? “Maybe there’s a first Otter,” thought the candidate loudly and said ‘first’ in English. Jauch amused himself splendidly. “What is your role in the animal Kingdom? I’m first Otter”, kalauerte the Moderator. “One possibility would be, if you pronounce one of the words different,” said Jauch. Then he triezte the candidates again: “For example, if you pronounce the beaver French: Biehbähr.” As André Krzykowski wanted to take a Joker, took pity on Jauch: “you can also think about the edge.”

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Teleschau

The candidate hesitated for a long time unsettled, then he chose correctly roof. A difficult birth! “Yes, this is turning now returns”, etched Jauch. The candidate believed in, so much applause would usually only for the millionaire. “For 50 Euro was cheered never as now,” confirmed the leader. He would laugh when he would see it as a spectator, said André Krzykowski self-critical. “Yes, to white house under the roof, of course”, put Jauch a. But the Journalist knew how to fight back: “I’m not, unfortunately, with all the raccoons washed.”

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Teleschau

The gauntlet was not over for the candidates yet. For 200 Euro people tend to be intellectuals, drop-outs was asked: “, assuming that you asked as a child …” of The candidate suspicious: “This is not a coincidence, is it?” Jauch claimed: “We always try to customize the questions, you understand?” Although he is the answer (A: “were bathed too hot”) acknowledged, hesitated, the candidate, rattled by the gaffe at the beginning of his performance. In the end, he stayed with answer A. “I must say: So much the voltage was up to 500 Euro rare,” quipped Jauch.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius Teleschau

things weren’t embarrassing enough, seemed to prove an inserted photo, that André was Krzykowski born to be unlucky. At a rose Monday born, should get the newborn to the North Rhine-Westphalian Tradition, a cardboard nose mounted, but once these were made, was painted his nose with lipstick. The candidate resumed his tried and tested antidote: self-irony. “As you can see on the photo: I’m wrong, and hot bathed,” said André Krzykowski.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele look, “I’m not in the mood anymore!”

As he threatened to fail at 4,000 euros, said the 24-Year-old: “I can already see the picture-headline: Gaga-the candidate stumbles up to 200 Euro.” Then he surprised everyone in the room – including the presenter! “Herr Jauch, I need a break!” He stood up and ran away. Jauch afterwards looked irritated. “I’m not in the mood any more! I get just a little of weird questions.” His proposal: a role reversal. He came back out of the shadows and had an electronic Who wants to be a millionaire?-Game. The had paid his parents to the then five-year-olds.

André Krzykowski swapped the roles, and asked: “What would you do with the Million?” Günther Jauch thought for a moment, then he replied with a grin: “To reveal to the other”. Only laughed Jauch with the audience, then he feared that: “The statement will haunt me now for years.” The candidate is comforted: “I will continue to follow the Show for years.” Günther Jauch failed miserably. Before he answered the first question, it sounded tinny from the device: “your time is up.” Jauch scolded: “Such a fucking thing out of here!”

The two exchanged the roles had again and three of the Joker later, André Krzykowski exceeded the 32,000-Euro mark. What he plans to do with the profit, was curious, can his complicated last name change. Jauch was amazed that such a step could cost up to 1,000 euros. With the maiden name of his mother, he would be: André Valentino. Jauch had a cheaper idea: “Or you marry your girlfriend and take their name.” Then he would be André Falk. “Was it a love marriage? No, I needed a new identity,” fantasized Jauch. Before it went to Euro 64,000, was interrupted the triumphal March through the end of the transmission time. 20. April may prove to André Krzykowski, that he is not born unlucky.

The first candidate of the Assembly sequence was René Frauenkron from Dortmund. The 55-year-old surplus candidate from the previous week won 32,000 euros. A tattoo artist Sina Warneke from frets scored 16.000 Euro.

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