From 2009 to 2013 in Samara was held the largest international open-air “Rock nad volgoy”. In the last year he has collected about 300 000 spectators, and the headliner was the infamous band Rammstein. A few months ago (before the pandemic) came good news: the festival to be back. And participation confirmed mastodons scene like Papa Roach, Zemfira, “mummies the Troll”. However, arrived unexpectedly “black Swan” has dramatically changed all the plans. Most of the big summer events was postponed for an indefinite period, some moved to the Internet in a chamber format, when musicians perform from their homes and studios online under the supervision of the leading. However, the organizers of this newly revived open-air went ahead and decided to make a show, even on the network.

It will begin June 28 at 19.00 and will last three hours. The name of the project slightly differs from the original “Rock on the Volga”. On a barge located on the river, will set the scene. On the contrary it will put a big screen on which output video viewers who subscribe to the broadcast using the Zoom app. Places on the online podium will take thousands of winners in social networking project. Stream online will be effect of a real presence – in the mode of 360 degrees. This format concerts have practiced “Leningrad”, “Tarakany!”, Yes and many other artists. It allows the audience to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of what is happening, even being at the computer monitor.

In the present circumstances it is more than urgent, we have to learn to live in a new reality. People from around the world will not only see the musicians and listen to presentations, but also be able to ask them questions live. The audience will be able to support the charity Fund Konstantin Khabensky, which helps children and young adults with cancer and other serious diseases of the brain, sending a donation during the live broadcast. The headliners of the festival will be the group “spleen” and “Bi-2”. The latter have already been doing massive shows online at the beginning of the quarantine and have proven that they can energize the fans, even through the Internet. Foreign musicians in the isolation suit online – concerts on the roof, in studios and other locations, but the floating stage on a barge in such conditions have not yet built one.