This is very strong stuff that Robert Lewandowski’s advisor Pini Zahavi is launching. After the allegations by Bayern Munich’s sports director Hasan Salihamidzic, the Israeli countered with explosive details from the contract negotiations – from his point of view.

Who doesn’t tell the truth? The summer theater about the departure of Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski (contract until 2023) reaches the next level of escalation. The club and the player side contradict each other as to whether Bayern made an offer in the contract talks or not. In the “Bild” newspaper, Pini Zahavi (78) unpacks a bunch of details from the meetings that don’t make the Munich leadership look good.

Disappointing meeting: Zahavi speaks in detail in the newspaper about the meeting with Bayern boss Oliver Kahn and sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic on April 28 in Munich. He complains that in the first 45 minutes the name of Robert Lewandowski was not mentioned once and that Bayern only wanted to make small talk. It got too colorful for Zahavi: “Let’s talk about Robert, what do you want to offer us?” Then Kahn and Salihamidzic would have talked for a long time about the situation of Neuer and Müller, that both would only get a contract for another year. “Without really saying it, they hinted that it would be no different for Robert,” Zahavi said.

No offer: The consultant did not agree: “I said to Oliver: ‘We can talk about a new contract here and now – but we need a year more than the others.'” A model until 2024 with an automatic option on one another year until 2025, according to Zahavi. That would have played into the hands of Bayern in terms of communication. The 78-year-old was disappointed with the reaction of the Bayern bosses: “Nothing came up on my suggestion: no concrete offer, no salary talks,” said Zahavi, who also emphasized that he had not asked for a salary increase for his client.

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