Liverpool may lead 2-1 against Wolverhampton Wanderers in Sunday’s insane Premier League showdown, but they’re not champions yet. At the same time, Manchester City is 3-2 ahead of Aston Villa. Nevertheless, the entire stadium suddenly cheers in Liverpool – but without reason, as it turns out.

Great confusion: On Sunday, both the television viewers and the “Sky” commentary team were very confused. Because suddenly the entire Anfield stadium in Liverpool cheers, although there is no reason to. The reason: a simple prank.

April, April in May: A prankster spread the rumor among thousands of Liverpool fans that Aston Villa had scored 3-3 against Manchester City. That would have made Liverpool, who were leading 2-1 at the time, suddenly the English champions.

The grim reality: Ultimately, Aston Villa never got the equalizer and Man City win their fourth Premier League title in five years. Liverpool get nothing. Football can be a cruel game at times.

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