In the Personnel Center of the Department of Health of the City of Moscow, training is conducted under the advanced training program in the field of perinatology. It is designed to develop teamwork skills and interdisciplinary interaction of doctors of three specialties: obstetricians and gynecologists, neonatologists and anesthesiologists-resuscitators.

The program “Perinatology” consists of two parts: theoretical, which takes place in an online format, and practical, which is held at the site of the Personnel Center. The theoretical part includes 10 sections, including more than 60 lectures. During the training, the topics of “Resuscitation and intensive care”, “Premature birth”, “Emergency conditions in childbirth” and others are considered. Students can study the materials at a convenient time and from any device.

In practical classes, doctors in team interaction work out tactical approaches to diagnosis and treatment, and also learn to act smoothly and promptly, taking into account the established order of medical care. Doctors are trying to work out all the algorithms to automatism. Classes are held at simulation stations, the conditions are as close to real as possible.

The simulation equipment of the Personnel Center allows you to work out various clinical cases related to the observation of pregnancy, childbirth and the early postpartum period. One of the features of the training is the regular expansion of scenarios for working out various clinical cases.

The perinatology program at the site of the Personnel Center takes place on an ongoing basis. Doctors working in the Moscow healthcare system can apply for participation in the personnel department of their medical organization at any time. As a result of successful completion of the program, participants receive points on the system of continuing medical and pharmaceutical education and a certificate of advanced training.

The Personnel Center of the Moscow City Health Department has no analogues in Russia and other Eastern European countries. On an area of more than four thousand square meters, continuing professional education programs, evaluation and accreditation events are held for specialists of the capital’s healthcare system. The center is equipped with more than 1100 units of high-tech simulation medical equipment. At 31 stations, practical skills are practiced daily and situational tasks are solved for real clinical cases. The capabilities of the Personnel Center allow for professional assessment in 89 medical specialties.