Saxena worked as head of the Department of Slavic and Finno-Ugric languages at the University of Delhi. The teacher emphasizes in his essay that the younger generation of today lives in a “virtual”, that absorbs surrogate information that enters the Network. She said that today the main mission of teachers of Russian language and literature is to convey to students the truth about the war and the winners. According to her, one must strive to come to objective conclusions that they have developed critical thinking based on knowledge of history.

a Personal acquaintance with Russia, Russian language and literature occurred at the teacher a few decades ago. And it began with stories of his father. “As a student of the law faculty of the University of Delhi, dad was passionate about the Russian language… attraction to Russia and the “great and mighty” has remained with him all his life” – shares his memories of the teacher.

After admission to the University Saxena was on the threshold of occupational choice between the German and Russian languages. “We need to study the language and through the language of the whole culture of the people who saved the world from the Nazis. If it were not for the Soviet Union, which gave a decisive rebuff to Hitler, then maybe, today, we’re talking not native, and German!” – said her father.

the Russian language notes in India not just saying that Russian literature is sacramental aura. It is filled with the soul of the nation. And the product of the Second world war, even the example of the fate of one character open the full magnitude of the tragedy of war. “After reading the famous Akhmatova “Courage”, I discovered the whole truth in dad’s statement that we in India have remained free, and our language has remained free and clear, thanks to the heroic sacrifice of the ordinary Soviet soldier and the efforts of the Soviet Union,” admits the Russian language.

after Reading under the guidance Saxena Russian military prose, her students realized how devastating was world war II for the winners.