Since ancient times, the constellation of the Big dipper (Bagolin) served for the Chinese sign of orientation and timing. Today satellites “Beidou” shaping the global satellite navigation system China “Beidou” (ВDS), provide humanity with services of satellite navigation.

Construction of the navigation system “Beidou” in China started from scratch and step by step forward. Successful development of “Beidou” fully demonstrates the wisdom, speed and accuracy of navigation work China, provides Chinese version of the development of satellite navigation in the world and demonstrates the ability of China to master the key technology through innovation.

according to the senior Manager development system “Beidou-1” If Tsuhan, it was created by the Chinese themselves: “the Giant” has established a technological blockade, not allowing China to stand on their shoulders, so he had no choice but to become a “giant.” All navigation satellites of Beidou and its major components are fully developed and manufactured in China. ВDS provided not only more accurate positioning, and data, but also sufficient certainty and sense of security.”

the Key technology generally has universal characteristics, can be widely applied in life and in all aspects of economic and social development. A Prime example of this technology is the navigation system “Beidou”. Recently, it has played an important role in the new round of measurements to determine the height of the mountain Chomolungma. In addition, the Chinese navigation system was a tremendous help in the fight against the pandemic COVID-19. System with high precision asked the location and contributed to the development of accurate drawings for the construction of a temporary hospital “Chosenlang” in Wuhan, and also outlined for unmanned aerial vehicles exact trajectory spraying disinfectant.

In recent years, Beidou is widely used in a variety of industries and brings significant economic and social benefits. For example, the navigation system monitored by real-time and alerted to the danger of geological disasters prone areas, significantly increases productivity, ensures safety more than 70 thousand fishing vessels and more than 6.5 million vehicles and etc.

currently, more than 70 percent having access to a Network of Chinese smartphones are equipped to connect to the platform services “Beidou”. It is believed that the active promotion of “Beidou” in the masses, the economy and everyday life in the future will change the way of production and life of people and the system itself are the ideal companion for each person.

Pandemic COVID-19 accelerated the pace of development of digital economy which, in turn, requires a more precise navigation system. Just as water and electricity necessary for the functioning of cities, landmarks of time and spatial location is crucial for the prosperity of the digital economy. Many of the new infrastructure constructions are inseparable from the navigation system “Beidou”.

Beidou is infrastructure digital infrastructure and Foundation,” – said the chief designer of the system “Beidou-3” Chen Jungui. In such a new and rapidly emerging fields like industrial Internet, Internet of things and system of satellite monitoring of transport, Beidou helps to accelerate the development of innovative applications. In particular, such as Autonomous driving and logistics, automated Parking, etc. experts claim that the continuous enrichment and improvement of the system will accelerate in the future continuous development of the 5G technology, data centers and other new capital infrastructure. Thus, creating huge opportunities for the development of the digital economy and “smart” companies.

Today the services of the Chinese navigation system “Beidou” is more than half of the countries in the world. No doubt, in the future, its satellites will make an even greater contribution to creating a more reasonable, comfortable and bright future.

According to the newspaper Renmin Ribao