the content of the conversation with representatives of LDCs, local journalists said the MP from the ruling Democratic party “Tabora” Kim Byung-Ki, who was present at the briefing.

deputies were mostly interested in the rumors about the serious health problems of Kim Jong-UN, and speculation of a possible conducted on heart surgery. “Based on information available to us we came to the conclusion that Kim Jong-UN at least not recently nor heart surgery, nor the other any surgical procedures related to the heart”, – quotes the Deputy of the words of the scouts. The latter explained that even the most minor heart surgery the leader of the DPRK will then require a recovery within four to five weeks, but because Kim couldn’t take part in the opening ceremony Sunzhenskogo plant and to move independently. The LDCs also believe that during the absence in public Kim “in a normal manner carried out all functions related to the management of the country”. About all the other speculations about possible serious problems in Kim’s health was said: “we do not have such information”.

however, LDCs admitted that Kim Jong-UN has significantly reduced the number of its public events, reducing them by approximately three times. Since the beginning of the year, Kim participated in 17 events, whereas in 2019 in the same period managed to visit 50 sites. According to South Korean intelligence, it’s due to the fact that Kim was personally engaged in the activities to strengthen the morale of the troops, at a meeting of the party Politburo. In addition, probably influenced by the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, when Kim tried to minimize their participation in promotions where there is a large concentration of people.

In regard to the situation of coronavirus in North Korea RK LDCs are unable to provide any specific information. “North Korea claims to have zero cases of infection COVID-19, but before the complete closure of the borders between North Korea and China was an active exchange of people, because we cannot exclude that in North Korea there have been cases of infection with coronavirus” was said to the deputies of Parliament of Kazakhstan at the briefing.

the LDCs also noted that the DPRK is increasing economic difficulties associated with border closures and international sanctions. It was said that for the first quarter of this year, trade between the DPRK’s main trading partner China has declined compared to the same period last year by 55 percent, amounting to only $ 230 million. In March the fall was actually 91 percent in the total trade for the month of $ 18 million.