On Friday, South Korea reported niches, centers for disease control and prevention of the 91 cases, in which already as recover current Covid-19-patients were once again tested positive for the Virus.

so Far, experts from around the world, that former Covid-19-patients are recovered, at least for a few months to years immune to Sars-CoV-2-viruses. The findings from South Korea mix up this opinion now, but apparently. Therefore, the world health organization (WHO) takes you to: “We work closely with our clinical experts, to learn more about these individual cases,” she explained to news Agency “Reuters”.

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experts keep Re-infecting, as before, unlikely

Whether the patients in South Korea have is really, again, with Sars-CoV-2, must be clarified by further Tests. According to Jeong Eun-kyeong, Director of the centers are the same, but it is likely that the Virus had not been completely excreted from the body, and for the reactivated could have. This would mean: no second infection, but the aftermath of the first disease.

The WHO stresses, however, that it was important that samples of suspected cases to strictly take after the Protocol. Their recommendations according to a Patient can be discharged from the hospital, if two Tests are negative, which were made at a distance of at least 24 hours of each other. Whether the experts would suggest that you error in the context of testing for possible reasons for the suspect Re-infection, remains open. < / h3> Reported corona virus cases in Germany (click on your state)

Two weeks until full recovery and then?

Currently, researchers assume that Covid-19-patients need about two weeks from the onset of symptoms until full recovery, if you are affected by a mild course. The WHO, however, declares: “we are aware that some patients have a positive PCR Test after they are clinically cured.” It was unclear, however, why some patients would test positive, although it was assumed that they were healed. More to the Coronavirus

“We need to systematically collect samples from convalescent patients to better understand how long you carry viable virus in itself,” explains the WHO and says: “Covid-19 is a new disease. Therefore, we need more epidemiological data to draw conclusions.“ It is so far, just not sure if all of the Infected also formed antibodies against the disease.

With the Tests now to be found in South Korea, whether the persons referred to in by made infection may also carry antibodies and more contagious to others or not.

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