After Japan’s military ambitions have decided to demonstrate, and South Korea. As a neighbor, she also offers at the first suspicion of aggression preemptively strike at potential enemies. And also South Korea worries South China sea. Really significant “but” – in contrast to Japan, the Koreans already know who to beat and how. “MK” has learned, whose ships and bases can be aimed missiles of South Koreans. And most importantly found out why Seoul sudden war.

the Redistribution of roles in the Asia-Pacific region does not seem to stop. Following the footsteps of Japan, which wants to rewrite military doctrine and to legitimize preemptive or preventive strikes, to Flex its muscles decided and South Korea. In the media and popular blogs began to multiply information about the possible scenarios of clashes with the probable enemy.

the Place – the South China sea. The enemy – the National liberation army of China. Goal No. 1: the Chinese Navy. The documents and plans are the squadron war fleets of China and South Korea. Worked out the scenario of clashes and great naval battles.

the Main goal of the South Korean contingent of the missiles on the Chinese carrier Shandong. It is the flagship of the Chinese Navy, only the newest fully Chinese aircraft carrier. It carries up to 40 carrier-based aircraft J-15 generation “4+” and is comparable with the Russian su-33.

Analysts estimate the possible defeat of the other large ships of the PRC – destroyers type 052D and 055. Note that the type 055 is the largest among the destroyers, second only to the us Zumwalt.

According to the authors, in the South China sea, the South Korean destroyer class S, known as the KDX-III stoked Chinese ships. Destroyers KDX-III are launchers with anti-ship missiles SSM-700K. Their power enough to become killers of aircraft carriers. Moreover, they are easy to stand and cruise missiles, capable of hitting ground targets.

South Korean destroyers a shot at the Navy of China, the scenario of military experts who will support and strike from the depths of the submarine type Dosan Ahn Changho, they are the same KSS-III. This is the newest submarine, on Board which there is a ballistic missile Cheonryong. They are able to hit a target at a distance of 500 km.

was the approving reaction to the concept of a blow to the Chinese Navy. So, in the social networks of South Korean and perhaps the North American users about the outcome of the battle speak like this: “Bravo, RoKA!” (armed forces of the Republic of Korea. – “MK”)

the Reason for possible armed clashes, which immediately enters into the plane of a major regional conflict – strengthening the military and economic position of China in the South China sea. It is not very convenient for the U.S. and South Korea – a loyal military ally of Washington.

However, the question is: why South Korea today expressed interest in e��th region? Because China and he has his sights already at least 20 years if not more. The answer may lie… in Japan! More precisely, to change its geopolitical vector.

Recall, Tokyo not so long ago, refused the seemingly long-solved purchase of the us missile defense-class “aegis” (Aegis Ashore). Naturally, this caused discontent in the United States.

the United States fear such independence of Japan, which still had military and political vassal of the United States in the far East. As an understudy in this role is very suitable South Korea.

–Here are the ears of the US, there is nothing to say, – says military expert Oleg Teltonika. – Obviously, is a desire to convince US of its satellites part of the military functions in the region to take on yourself. It is clear that Washington has in the far East at the forefront of a confrontation with China. While South Korea has long built a great economic ties with China. So, any conflict threatens a huge loss. But, nevertheless, the United States has in South Korea is still a huge impact, times Seoul, despite possible economic losses, can afford to design some punches and battle with China.

In fact, South Korea does not have some dominant influence in the South China sea. The expert is sure that all this paramilitary Analytics, allowing for the possibility of war in the South China sea, Seoul, to anything. But the United States wisely use increased in recent years, the military capabilities of South Korea and is now pushing her to the conflict.

moreover, the States deliberately cast rate, suggesting the South Korean authorities about the possibility of being a superpower in the far East.

Indeed, in South Korea good land army, private war production. At the disposal of the South Korean army not only their firearms, but self-propelled artillery of the new generation of 155 mm K9, the latest tanks of the latest generation K2 “Black Panther”, which are comparable to T-90, “Abrams” and “Leopard.” And even missiles – ballistic missile “Genmu-2”. Many samples are exported.

Seoul, unlike Japan, do not look for suppliers of weapons, or to begin to develop some of his samples. Manufacturing has long been established.

South Korea all good with combat experience. Her battle fleet member of NATO exercises. Recall from the teachings of the Sea Breeze in the Black sea.

with regard to ground forces, they have the experience of three wars in Vietnam in 1965-1973 years in Iraq in 2003, and since 2002 – in Afghanistan.

That is, South Korea is actually the most efficient player in the Asia-Pacific region after China.

–While the South Korean army can only to a very local action. Just manpower, tanks and aircraft will not be sufficient for p��troubles in an armed conflict or war. Still, without US, without their coordination and control, they are not able to major battles. Even a single sea, – said Oleg Teltonika.