the South Korean military conducted exercises on the Islands in the Yellow sea near the territory of the DPRK. During the maneuver worked out defensive actions to repel attacks from North Korea.

As announced in the Combat command of the air force of the Republic of Korea, sixth of may, they with ships of the Navy in the archipelago Pandanda and Inpredo conducted a comprehensive doctrine. These Islands belong to South Korea but are in the immediate vicinity of the territory of the DPRK. In the area repeatedly clashed forces of the South and the North.

In the course of the exercise involved about twenty combat aircraft of the air force of the Republic of Korea, including F-15K, KF-16, F-4E, FA-50, as well as speed boats of the 2nd squadron of the Navy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the exercise scenario, the North Korean side, using the coastal artillery and warships attempted attack on South Korean boats, in connection with which the latter has requested support from its air force and began to repel the attack. At the same time, South Korean planes worked and repel an air attack from North Korea.

Commenting on the results of the exercise, the commander maneuvers the Colonel of the air force SIM Myung-Dream said that the participants “have worked and confirmed readiness for rapid response to enemy provocations and the possibility for strikes against the place where are carried out the provocation.” The officer added that the military of the Republic of Korea will continue, including through close to real situation exercises to maintain “full combat readiness”.