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the Government is on Tuesday, governmental, conference where they decide what happens next with the many restrictions, smitteverntiltakene and the prohibitions that have been introduced as a result of koronaviruset.

the Clock 16 will prime minister Erna Solberg, health minister Bent High and education ms. Guri Melby at a press conference to inform about which regime should apply when easter is over.

the Biggest excitement is for many linked to what happens with the schools and kindergartens that have been closed since 12. march.

By NRK, get lit from government sources on Tuesday, want government a gradual reopening of schools and kindergartens, at the same time that they believe it can’t happen already right over easter. Monday 20. april is mentioned as a more likely date.

According to The kildeopplysninger to employees in schools and kindergartens, among other training courses in infection control before reinstatement can occur.

It is according to the sources most important for the government that kindergartens and 1. – 4. step on the elementary school get started the fastest possible.

This is completely in line with how Denmark’s prime minister Monday said that they want to gradually reopen the Danish society.

High: – the Infection is under control

the Number of people with proven koronavirus has been relatively stable the last time. New figures show that for the first time in ten days is less than 300 posted in the Uk.

the Number of hospitalized patients with covid-19 is on Tuesday 277, which is 37 fewer than Monday. It is also becoming fewer which is connected to the respirator, and Tuesday is 78 patients connected to a respirator.

Bent High, said yesterday that the Uk begins to gain control of the spread.

– Now shows the new numbers that each koronasmittet probably infects 0,7 other person. Before the strict measures were introduced, infected each of those infected for 2.5 new people. It means that we have got koronasmitten under control, said the minister of health.

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He warned at the same time to drop all the measures for quickly.

– the Measures have made that we have gained a solid advantage. We have to keep, let the minister of health to

These measures and the restrictions apply now

Erna Tomorrow the government has introduced the most restrictive measures Norway has seen in peacetime in order to prevent the spread of koronaviruset.

12. march introduced, and 24. march tightened the government further into a number of comprehensive measures and recommendations which were then said to apply the minimum to 13. april, i.e. over easter.

this Whole list is basically up for review towards the press conference Erna Solberg has announced on Tuesday at 16:


When we are together, we should not be more than 5 people gathered, and we should keep a physical distance of at least 2 metres between us. The distance applies both within the group and to other people. This does not apply to persons who live together normally. In the premises where the 2 meters distance can be difficult to comply with, but that should be kept open (such as shops and pharmacies), one should have a distance between people at least 1 meter.

Stenginger and bans:

Cultural events Sports events and organized idrettsaktivitet both indoor and outdoor All businesses in the hospitality industry, with the exception of establishments where it takes place a serving of the food, it will say canteens and eateries that can facilitate that visitors and personnel can keep at least 2 meters distance to each other. Serving of food shall not take place as a buffet. The hospitality industry includes restaurant, bar, pub and nightlife. Gyms Businesses that offer frisørtjenester, skin care, massage and body care, tattoo, cutting holes (piercing) and similar swimming pools, water parks and similar physical therapists and manuellterapeuter, chiropractors, opticians, podiatrists, speech therapists, psychologists, businesses that perform complementary and alternative medicine and alternative treatment (modified from 16.03.20). Other companies outside the specialist who offers the services that are not considered necessary healthcare services, where the service involves the physical personkontakt with less than two meters of distance and with a duration of over 15 minutes, including aktivitører, dental hygienists with more (changed from 16.03.20).


the Norwegian directorate of Health has decided that the health professionals who work with patient care are prohibited from travelling abroad. The ban applies to both business travel and privatreiser out april 2020. The costs will be compensated. All australians should avoid travel that is not strictly necessary, avoid public transport if they can, and other places where they can easily come close to the other. The government introduced 20. march a prohibition to sleep in a holiday home outside of the own municipality. Read more about hytteforbudet on the government’s website. There are exceptions for hytteforbudet for people who live together with a hustandsmedlem who is in isolation with proven koronavirus. People who are in quarantine because they live together with a confirmed infected, can thus sleep in a cabin during the period the infected are in isolation at home. The infected should stay home, while the other people in the household can stay in the cabin. All international travel that is not strictly necessary is not recommended. There are rules for the quarantine for all coming from traveling in foreign countries.

Kollektivreising and home office:

health Authorities recommend the home office if it is possible, and this be clarified with the employer. Kollektivtransporttilbudet be maintained. The reason for this is that people with critical community features are going to get to and from work and be able to keep distance to each other.

access Control in the institutions:

the ministry of Health requests to not visit people in institutions with vulnerable groups (the elderly, psychiatry, prison, etc.). It introduced restrictions for visitors to all the country’s health facilities and the introduction of access control to ensure infection control for patients in the country’s healthcare facilities. People who have risk to be infected will be rejected from all of the country’s healthcare facilities. The ministry of health will provide advice to the health service about this. More about koronaviruset StatusRåd and infoØkonomiSpør NRK Status NorgeSist updated: 07.04.20205863Smittet278Innlagt82DødeStatus for Norway