iHLN Elektroketen Krëfel noted that, since the coronamaatregelen in our country, from the coming into force online, “we are more” refrigerator/freezers, hair clippers, broodbakmachines and information technology equipment to be sold. That is, it is noticed, Krëfel spokesman Frederic Berghmans. In bol.com it can be observed a significant increase in the sale of the clippers, and video game consoles.

Krëfel is selling it online, according to Berghmans for a few weeks, clearly in refrigerators and freezers, but also in information technology products such as laptops, monitors, and webcams. The in of the information technology (IT) products, is likely to be the result of an increase in the number of people who have the coronacrisis of the home and children’s products are required to have the education now that the schools are closed.

you can also Read “please Buy Belgian-entrepreneurs to ask questions in an open letter to coronacrisis online shopping in our own country, Closure, hairdressers, etc.

Recently, there has been a clear, in Krëfel of broodbakmachines and hair. That last one may have been inspired by the conclusion of the event, you hear the sound of the Krëfel, without any exact figures to give you. Krëfel sign, moreover, of 500 tablets will be donated to the isolated, sick, in care homes or in hospitals. In this way, those who are included, however, to keep in touch with your family and loved ones. The four union federations in Belgium, hospitals, and health centers represent the will of the tablets, allocate according to the needs of those in the field have been established.

“Tens of thousands of items,”

if you are trading online, bol.com it is also a sales of the clippers, is noted. That had been for the past two weeks, four times as large as during the corresponding period of the previous year, it is going to be “tens of thousands of items. In the last couple of weeks and sold it bol.com also, twice as much as video game consoles, again for the “tens of thousands of items”, what it sounds like. Equipment were eight times as popular, and broodbakmachines seven times.

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