Just like the online casino industry, the action movie industry has always been male-dominated. If women were to be playing any particular roles, the roles would have to be supporting roles.  Even up to now, the roles are available but still on the minimal just like the gambling industry (also read about mobile casinos).

Right now, there a lot of female actors are now recurring and playing their roles even better.  And, they also tend to play their roles really well too.  Therefore, if you are going to be watching the following powerful women in action, then you are definitely going to be having the time of your life.


According to some movie critics, Neo would not be the best version of himself without Trinity in the Matrix movies. And for some, she was even better than most of the male heroes in the action movie. Not forgetting the edgy fashion sense that made her even more interesting

This movie star was more than Neo’s girlfriend, she was also his computer hacker, programmer and general helper in the movie. Apart from having the brains, this action hero also has some really cool combat moves.

Lara Croft

From her role in  Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Salt, Mr and Mrs Smith and so many more, everyone can agree that Angelina Jolie is one of the best action heroes that there ever was. The woman always manages to wear her roles really well and gives her audience the best of performances.

Playing Lara Croft was one of the best things the actress did for her career. After this, she managed to get even more and better roles. Therefore, if you have not watched this movie and you are an Angelina Jolie, then you should start streaming it now. Did you know that there’s also an online slot based on Lara Croft? The slot is called Lara Croft online slot and can be found at https://www.americancasinosites.com


This is the real definition of how deceiving looks can be.  She might look adorable but she will definitely give you a few killer moves. This is the movie that brought Milla Jovovich into the movie industry back in 1997.