In a survey conducted by the experts of Positive Technoligies (there is a “RG”), participated, it professionals and information security.

the safest way to work on the “distance” is the use of corporate PCs. However, such computers use only 20% of companies in the remaining 80% is your organization part or all of the employees use their own devices, which negatively affects the security of the organization.

security Experts are confident that a quick transition to the remote mode there are risks associated with the vulnerability points that are installed in the homes of the employees. It is desirable that employees adhere to all safety standards, but this is not always. Only in every fourth case to use own computers or laptops, but the vast majority in service to home PCs.

“the Survey showed that the majority of respondents (57%) expect looks of it, slip a pandemic, and do not plan to change the way organizations udalenka in the coming months. And only every tenth noted that there are plans to introduce two-factor authentication. Probably they are satisfied or they hope that working remotely will soon end and therefore are not ready to invest in the organization of secure remote access”, – noted in a Positive Technoligies.

only 43% said that their companies have the services which you can access remotely. However, 34% of respondents said that have access to e-mail, and one in five noted that the “perimeter” withdrawn corporate portals. Access to internal applications has 16% percent.

To enable remote access, companies often use VPN software for remote access. The most popular of these was OpenVPN, VPN from Cisco. And to access a desktop PC or server in the companies use most often to Remote Desktop Gateway and TeamViewer. In public organisations the picture is different: the three popular VPN is a Check Point. The study authors warn that you must use only the new version of the software.