The Ministry has reduced the list of sites to which access networks home Internet should be provided free of charge in the framework of the project “Affordable Internet”. Officials have eliminated more than 20 services dedicated to health and medicine, and added educational resources and websites of government agencies.The Ministry of communications published an updated list of socially important resources, reducing it by 20 sites (.pdf). Initially, on 4 April, the Ministry approved the list of the 391 website to which access will not be charged for the whole of Russia till July 1, the subscribers of home Internet “Rostelecom”, “ER-Telecom”, MTS, “MegaFon” and “VimpelCom”. In the experiment, some of the resources were “not very popular”, so they were excluded, explained “Kommersant” in the press service of the Ministry of communications, adding that the updated list included the resources of the channels that made a special version for participation in the pilot.As reported by “Kommersant”, a lightweight version of the TV without video on demand of the Ministry of communications presented the holdings VGTRK and “Gazprom-media” (TNT, NTV, “Friday!”, etc.). The sites of the “First channel”, owned by “National media group” CTC, “Home”, REN and “Fifth”, or “Saved”, “Muz-TV” and “360” in the new list presented in the old full versions.From the list of excluded service webinars “” system recommendations content Lentainform, portal the provider “Maximalism”,, “KG-Portal” linguo-laboratory “Amalgama-lab” information resource “Map of words”, online reviews of doctors “doctor” and Med-otzyv, service selection analogues of drugs, Medikforum, encyclopedia of drugs, Medside, Medportal, Zdorovieinfo, Medihost, Medelement, Health-diet, the selection of the doctor “Dokdok”, Doctis, Onlinedoctor, “” Wellness-portal “Live”, Medwords, the journal of cardiovascular diseases “Costinfo”, “the Doctors of the Russian Federation”, Medlinks, and other services devoted to medicine and health. In the list was added a single portal for more education information service “My school online”, “Pills.Ru”, “Zdrasti”, the service “Money” the site culture, the site of “Victory! 75 years”, the website of the national library, the site of children’s literature “Steers.of the Russian Federation”, as well as the sites of the notary chamber, the health Ministry and other government agencies.Pilot to provide free access to socially significant resources held within the instructions of the President to the Federal Assembly on 15 January. The project has not caused a stir, recognized the Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Alexei Volin on June 15 at an open online lecture “Digital journalism”. The pilot applies only on providers home fixed Internet, but it is planned to expand to mobile networks, said the Minister Maksut Shadaev and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.Julia Tikinamiausi under��erial amendments to the law “On communication” that reinforce the status of the cable and communication equipment as movable property. To retrain them in the property proposed tax that threatened the operators billions in taxes. But risks are not yet taken: to consolidate the status of the cable and the desired changes in the Civil code, and the authorities are already thinking about the return was cancelled last year tax for movable property of organizations.Read more