the Rules of the test drivers for drugs can change. The reform proposed by the experts of the Russian public initiative.

an act to amend the procedure for medical examination of drivers. Authors of the project confused that for alcohol the law is the limit threshold of 0.16 mg/l For narcotic and psychotropic substances of such a threshold does not exist. Proponents of the amendment believe that the rules create unnecessary risks for law-abiding drivers. The authors give two examples. The first man drank harmless in his opinion for the headache, which actually contains a small amount of potent substances. A few days later, the citizen forgot about the headache and drank the pill, got behind the wheel completely sober and came under the inspection of the traffic police. A blood test will reveal the presence of a prohibited substance and the hapless motorist will be deprived the rights for driving in a drunken state. The second example is much more controversial: the tourist returns to Russia from a country where soft drugs are allowed. Using intoxicating substances is at leisure, it does not break anything. But if after returning home traveler gets behind the wheel with the remnants of drugs in the blood, it automatically turns into a willful infringer and also risks to remain without the rights. However, as the authors note, the timing of excretion of drugs from the body of the individual. The person may feel fine and not have problems with concentration, and the analysis will still show a trail of drug taken a week or two ago. To avoid such situations and record the good drivers are drug addicts, social activists propose to prescribe in regulations the maximum allowable threshold of the content of narcotic and psychotropic substances in the blood. What should be its values, the activists left at the mercy of doctors and drug experts.