Get Fit and Healthy Sportkinesist Lieven Maesschalk and the team to share the best of mom-and-keukenoefeningen to have a toned body. The legs are the hardest body part to train because the exercises are so difficult and resource-intensive. Who is this summer, with a slender, shapely pair of stilts, want to show off, and under that mini skirt, you will have to have to have it.

are The muscles in your legs are the largest in your body. If you want to completely develop, you will have at least twice a week with a well-aimed, and, by definition, intensive training is required. The advantage is that you have to get a lot of calories with them will burn not only during workout but also during the recovery phase, and in the hours afterwards, as muscles burn even in a resting state energy. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn, and because of that the leg muscles, the largest muscle group is forming, there is a lot of potential, and if you want to lose weight.

For best results, train your upper and lower legs apart from one another. Mostly compound exercises, such as squats and lunges, are great.
Exercise 1

please Take a chair, or a pillow that is approximately at the the knee will. In the starting position, you can relax and put your feet slightly apart from each other. Start with your left leg on the chair to turn.
to Move the upper body slightly forward, so you are from the buttock muscles is excess pressure on the knees and are to be avoided. Both of your feet come together on the chair to get the movement up and down ten times with each leg to be run.

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