and then to support and cheer up their fans during this difficult time, the musicians hastily released the charity album “no Fear” (with the subtitle “a Special collection to enhance immunity”), some names of songs which immediately brace up, “What is not seen, but apparently not in vain. The main thing is not hurt himself at the helm”, “Throw should smuggle a few containers of hearts of warmth”, “I again have to assume”… Yes, it’s all the top hits, only now of a different name – over the lines that it is possible and useful to repeat.

And then, on may 22 will host the online premiere of their film “SOS to the sailor”, filmed during a group travelling on a sailboat “Sedov”. That is, too – a kind of extreme adventure, overcoming many difficulties. So, of course, it is useful now to look at. The film was directed by Danny Drysdale, and narration reads Sergei Svetlakov will add energy, humor, positivity and drive, despite all the “Polundra” and the difficulty of the path, which fell to the musicians on their route… well, it’s not easy, but sometimes very interesting. With an abundance of allegories. Well, where did this group without them?

the leader of the “mummy Troll” Ilya Lagutenko said for “RG” and their new, and present-day life in isolation.

it Seems that “Mumiy Troll” we have not shown so much Prime as now, being quarantined?

Ilya Lagutenko: After the completion of preparatory work on the concert program “Evening Tea” we do all of our rehearsing and touring during the last two years, alternated with Studio sessions. And gradually realized that we are simultaneously working on dozens of tracks at a certain point, you will need to fold in some individual projects.

Now our Studio plans terminated in connection with the transition to “quarantine udalenku”. So there was more time for other things, particularly on video. But our planned releases now, it seems, will have to rethink…

How did the idea to shoot the video for “bear” (quarantined)” daughters? Or they are more willing to participate in the work of the Pope?

Ilya Lagutenko: Daughters of my assistants. Videos and concerts they are not long new. They debuted I think in the clip “From scratch”. Soon it will begin to record your songs and to remove themselves clips. So I’m in a hurry.

Another one of your Prime Minister – quite a different plan. New single “Lyra” like many of the unusual vividness of impressions and imagery. Not like this clip, probably the only naturalists?!

Ilya Lagutenko: the Shooting took place in Sweden on one of the many Islands of the Stockholm archipelago. In fact, it lives and directed our music video Bjorn Tagemose. We are a friendlthey are families and have been working together for more than 10 years. Although children growing up in different countries and cultures, but they are also very interesting together.

I shared stories about the cult of Hotarugawa – watching the fireflies in Japan, and the guys told me about the mythological “wild men” of Scandinavia – Wilderman something from the category of goblins.

by the Way, the shots of nature were filming for several months. And Yes, so the naturalists tell there are a lot of inconsistencies. To grow mushrooms one time, and the Creek runs into another.