the Movie has become very active to use the theme “parallel lives” that we do in virtual reality: hiding behind nicknames and avatars, can naooborot about myself and about the interlocutors anything. Anonymity gives you wings, multiply the hidden talents, stimulates imagination. Has opened up unexplored stories of meetings in the Network, dumping life in a different direction.

Shot on the bestseller by Daniel Glattauer, where there is nothing but e-mails of strangers – linguist Leo and pianist Amy. He broke up with his love, the girl chose the Spanish pilot. She married a widower, conductor, raises his two children. Both yearn for something real, fearing myself to admit that. All of the surrounding figures – his sister and mother, her husband and children in the novel are given through the same correspondence, in the film they play an independent role. That is part of virtual life characters transferred to real that movie correctly is the art of the specific. But the main storyline – correspondence, and it requires first-class actors, capable without direct communication with each other to engage in dialogue and to carry the whole movie. The casting here is unmistakable. For the role of Amy invited Nora Cherner – actress with a “talking” facial expressions: her silent reaction to read on the smartphone rant tells us more than any words. Leo plays very well-known in the cinema world Alexander Fehling (“Inglourious Basterds”, “the secret life”). The texture and intelligent manner both very suitable for a good love story, the more intriguing and painful that their meeting stubbornly delayed and happens only in the finale, ending with an ellipsis.

That rarely in the movies: both are alive. Both roam hidden passion. Both feel the bitterness leaving between the fingers of life. Both Analytics tend to cool the mind. Their correspondence begins by chance: Emmy the wrong address, sending to the journal unsubscribing, and this request comes to a bewildered Leo. He will answer, word for word – and something in these replies caught both began a correspondence dialogue, more interested and outspoken – a can afford only people who understand that hardly see each other. And this dialogue has become a necessity, and that puzzled her husband she just feels it’s something different, and that they have meet and all the time it under different pretexts.

In fact, the whole story reflects the search for the poetic ideal that is intuitively occupied by every, when faced with the prose of reality. Crazy building a magic castle in the sand. Prince, which dreams of any Cinderella. Dulcinea, which draws the imagination of don Quixote. While viewing the picture, I confess, pursued the idea, a little mean to shoot down all romantic flair: what, if thrilling with innuendocrysalis was not athletic and not Feling Nora Corner with bottomless eyes, and slobbering Lovelace and overfed on the rolls of the middle-aged lady. To spare the viewer from such tubs of water, directed in the second half of the film takes anonymity, showing Emmy already not in a dream, and the reality is even more beautiful than she could have dreamed Leo. Two worthy lover looking for worthy of love and is likely to find happiness – what, I hope, and must hint a dot at the end, when the ideals of both will finally become a reality.

the film is absolutely irresistible episodes – in particular, Christmas fireworks, hosted by Leo for the invisible beloved. There are musical moments that evoke the most fascinating of films about love – “Man and woman” by Claude Lelouch. Has its own share of inevitable plot exaggeration: after all, the Internet knows no boundaries and distances, and the characters are correspondence correspondence completely (and most likely) could be living in one compact Cologne, and in different cities and even countries. But with all the mistakes that might find the film the most pedantic viewer, I must admit that in the movies for many decades was not filmed so beautiful, slim and, I would say, intelligent story about the mystical nature does not know the logic of feelings called love.