the restaurant fast food chain “McDonald’s” in the Dutch city of Arnhem was completely converted to work after quarantine. This is the first institution of the network, converted from the epidemic of the coronavirus. This entry was posted in Youtube channel ANP Mediaproducties.

Before entering the hall, the markings for compliance with social distance. At the entrance visitors are greeted by an employee wearing gloves, but no mask. Between the staff and guests at the checkout placed the protective screen.

Visitors can choose dishes through the terminal, and then they assign a special number that allows you to take one of the tables. When the order is ready, a restaurant employee will bring it on a special cart. Customers will have to pick up the food with his own hands.

In mid-March, McDonald’s began to take security measures due to the spread of the coronavirus. For example, in American institutions of visitors ceased to serve in the dining halls. Clients have to take food with you or via delivery service.