In show business every day more and more panic and depression. Even big artists get depressed and can’t understand how they survive in these difficult times. Which stars would be able to survive the crisis and that it is necessary to do the rest, we asked the famous businessman, public figure and musician Andrei Kovalev.

– the artists there is no opportunity to earn. No concerts, corporate events, too, began Kovalev. – Rich people who have ordered corporate events or birthday parties are unlikely to start again to do it: first, a sharp decline in their own incomes, and secondly, still long time will be afraid of becoming infected. Even if by July or August, the pandemic subsides, not the fact that the virus is completely gone.

which artists will survive the crisis?

– I appreciate the real facts. First, will survive those artists who had at one time to make bold investments and accumulated assets. And the second are those who have a very developed social network and a private business. Advertising the latter, of course, fell, but allows you to survive. Example – Olga Buzova.

Olga Buzova one promotional post is really worth a million?

– Maybe even a little more. But now it is, of course, makes the stock, lowers the price of advertising. In relation to the other stars… we are all artists and bloggers are very picky and often advertise shit, so any money earned.

– the artists often have some third-party business? He helps greatly?

– There are many examples. Soloists of a very famous pop group organized a cleaning, a whole network. This business will survive, because relevant. And here’s another artist with a Georgian surname, started a new restaurant on Tverskaya just before the crisis. Of course, it is unlikely to open again after the pandemic, the odds are almost zero.

– What other business would you advise to do the stars?

– Repeat: those will survive who have a business that focuses on ordinary people, because such services remain in demand. But those stars are for the “elite” created the restaurants or other recreational structure will not be able to get out of the crisis. For example, a network of cheap Burger with a star name, it will survive. Who among our celebrities closer to the people, that will be easier. Thank God that some have sold their businesses before the pandemic, before the new year. And now it has come to a complete ruin.

You are a business, how are you doing?

– I give discounts, benefits to tenants. I was lucky, before the crisis, I sold a pair of objects in three and a half billion. In General, my life changed dramatically, but now I live, on the radio went, most of the time I spend in social networks. So don’t complain.

Your predictions for the BUterm perspective?

– the Terrain will change seriously. Lucky still young, which has established Internet sales. While before the crisis they thought it was funny money from sales of songs online, but now young talent is somehow going to survive. That’s all they say: a crisis is a time of opportunity. But I say that this crisis is not possible, the main thing – to survive: to feed his wife, children, to help his family. Andrei Razin said that now and Filipp Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov and many other artists sell their stuff. What else can they do? All our stars have to minimize costs: stylists, personal stylists, servants, the whole state will have to dissolve. Will not return to the old life.