The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation noted the lack of progress in the investigation of the tragic events in Odessa, which occurred six years ago, even after the change of power in Ukraine. This is stated in the comments of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry posted on the Ministry website.

In depodesta stressed that “establishing all the circumstances of the incident, despite the huge amount of video and eyewitness testimony, so still not completed and the perpetrators are not punished”. The Russian foreign Ministry urged “the international community and of specialized human rights organizations to continue to achieve from the Ukrainian authorities to fully ascertain all the circumstances of the tragedy of Odessa, and others, including executions on the Maidan and murders of journalists”.

May 2, 2014 in the heart of the Greek area began a scuffle between activists of Antimiani, football fans and Euromaidan supporters. The fight ended with the destruction of the tent camp and the burning House of trade unions. The building was a shelter for representatives of the Maidan. The victims of the incident was 48 people. More than 250 injured. Most of them were in the trade unions Building which was set on fire. The investigation revealed that the riots in Odessa were organized and deliberately planned.

The last anniversary of the tragedy, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk said that the tragedy in Odessa on may 2, 2014 must meet the politicians and security forces, which were at that time in the city. Among the specific individuals he had named the head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk wrote