With the Demonstration, where many people had gathered in the Public, have called the man, according to the current regulations for containment of the Corona-crisis to a Crime, said a spokesman for the police on Saturday. Without the Corona requirements of the peaceful protest March would have been no Problem.

Potential participants should children bring

according to The investigation, the 32-Year-old has had to organize two weeks ago, in an Internet portal anonymous in a peaceful protest March. Potential participants, he urged, therefore, children, in order to protect themselves from the police. Many people who read the call, called the police.

About the provider of the Internet portal, the investigators eventually gave way to the 32-Year-old to find. In the case of the apartment search on Friday, officials of the data carrier, three Laptops, hard drives, a Tablet and a Smartphone had ensured that are now to be evaluated. The 32-Year-old came to the provisional arrest again on free foot.

gatherings of people in public places are banned

gatherings of people are banned in the state of Baden-Württemberg in public places, as soon as more than two persons not belonging to the family. During meetings of smaller groups according to the current regulation, a misdemeanor, to commit, according to the police spokesman for groups of more than 15 people a criminal Offence. Interceptor battle: Spahn-testimony to the protection of mask deliveries can be deep-FOCUS Online/Wochit interceptor combat: Spahn look-testimony to the protection of mask deliveries can look deep