a Donald trump has signed a decree on sanctions against China for infringement of the freedoms of Hong Kong. The US President also denied the special Chinese district economic benefits and predicted a mass Exodus of people from the city. In response China has threatened Washington restrictive measures, simultaneously accusing the White house of meddling in the Affairs of Hong Kong.

The President of the United States Donald trump signed the bill on sanctions against China in Hong Kong. According to him, the initiative aims to attract Beijing accountable for “discriminatory actions” against the Chinese people of the district.

“This legislation gives new powerful tools to prosecute individuals and organizations who are involved in the denial of freedoms of Hong Kong,” explained trump.

Now the US will treat Hong Kong the same as mainland China, continued the President of the United States, trade-economic preference for city-canceled — “no special privileges and special economic relations”.

In particular, according to the decree trump, Hong Kong will be deprived of advantages in the export of American technology, the police of the city will no longer be able to undergo training in the United States, and the maximum number of asylum-seekers from Hong Kong will be reviewed.

“Many people will start to leave Hong Kong, I suspect. And we will have much more business activity because of this, because we just lost one of the competitors”, — said the President of the United States.

American decree on sanctions on Hong Kong was a response to Beijing passed the law on national security of the special district, which provides for punishment for separatism, undermining state power, conspiracy with foreign forces and countries to harm the security of China.

Washington initially criticized the initiative of the authorities of China, from the point of view of the White house national security act deprives Hong Kong’s autonomy — “takes away freedom” from its inhabitants.

As they said “Газете.Ru” the head of the Center for Asia-Pacific studies, IMEMO ran Alexander LOMANOV, the actions of the US against Hong Kong because of Chinese law is somewhat absurd, at least at the moment with trade restrictions.

“trump himself complained about the huge trade deficit with mainland China when Hong Kong, by contrast, there was a surplus — that is, with all its limitations, the United States only to get rid of him,” — said the expert.


The situation is really quite ambiguous, as in the Chinese district of the workmelts more than 1,300 American companies — the trade surplus of the parties from 2009 to 2018 almost reached $300 billion trump, commenting on the law on sanctions against China say that Hong Kong can no longer compete with countries with a market economy due to the initiative of Beijing, but missed the negative aspect of their own decisions.

However, the actions of the US in the Chinese district play a somewhat in favor of the plans of China. According to the acting Director of the Institute for Far Eastern studies of Alexei Maslov,

Beijing is trying to clean the city from the United States to switch its economic system on the area of Great Bay.

“the Hong Kong and China will continue to draw him into its economic zone, thereby removing it from the global environment as a player”, — said the expert.

If to speak about China’s response to the threat of us sanctions on Hong Kong, the PRC authorities decided to respond to Washington’s own restrictive measures. According to the Chinese Ministry of foreign Affairs, sanctions will be imposed against a number of American citizens and organizations in order to protect the national interests of China.

“the Unilateral action of the United States is a blatant interference in the Affairs of Hong Kong in the internal Affairs of China. We Express on this occasion, categorical dissatisfaction and resolute opposition”, — said the Agency.

China urges US to abandon the implementation of the law on Hong Kong and to correct “mistakes”, according to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China, otherwise China will impose severe retaliatory measures.

anti-Chinese front

However, until any preconditions to the easing of US pressure on Beijing no. On the contrary, Washington is intensifying its anti-Chinese campaign. So, along with the signing of the decree on Hong Kong trump has made some loud statements. First, the US President announced that China bears full responsibility for the concealment of the coronavirus and its spread around the world.

Second, trump refused to continue negotiations on the second phase of the trade deal with China, saying that it is not interested in that.

“We have a great trade agreement, but as soon as it was signed, the ink is still to dry, as they hit us epidemic”, — said the President of the United States.

And third, the White house said that is not going to meet with President XI Jinping, and in General for a long time with him not talking. Given that Beijing denies the allegations, U.S. coronavirus and perform all its obligations under the trade deal, the lack of dialogue at the highest level, probably only worsens the interaction between the two countries.

“China is preventing the US by its very existence as a growing technological and innovative power. To please the Americans, they need to stop its progress 10-15 years but Beijing never will not go, so the rest does not matter”, — told “Газете.Ru” Alexander LOMANOV.

Regardless of the actions of Beijing, the United States will criticize him and incite his allies, he concluded, most likely, in such circumstances, China will try to “give back” to Washington.