the Shooting was to begin in the spring, however due to the spread of coronavirus to put them on hold for four months. Even now a hospital scenery had to build in closed for the duration of the pandemic, country hotel.

on the one hand, this whole situation slowed down work, with another – gave the chance to more thoroughly study the scenario, – has told “RG” Diana Kostirina. – During this time I rewrote it several times. Plus managed more carefully thought out statement, now every frame looks like the one I need, perfect. But most importantly, was able to bring what is happening on screen to real life.

the film Rights to the story got the Diana project Dollar Baby: every Stephen king for a symbolic dollar gives the opportunity to young filmmakers to shoot a picture on your material. This can be a great start, because the name of the king of Thriller attracts the attention of viewers. The idea to apply for an unusual contest belonged to the mentor of Diana, the head of the Studio “Siberian movie Studio” Novel Dvaladze.

every year such contracts is not more than a dozen, so to be among those who will get the film rights to the king, the great fortune, ‘ he says. – We help Diana solve technical, organizational questions, but for the whole artistic part of the course meets the writer-Director in one person.

In the main roles involved three actors, all of them residents. The main character – a man whose mother is seriously ill. He is faced with a difficult choice: to save her life in pain or to get rid of them with the help of euthanasia. But, according to the author of the short film, Stephen king, as usual, a very intriguing ending. In addition, it has tried to bring into the picture a more optimistic vision of the finale.

– the story of the writer – explains the Director – makes you think, rethink attitude to life, even to some household stuff. And I’ll try to keep the spirit of the piece, its deep philosophical meaning, the atmosphere when you read, like you can smell the smells around you, hear every creak.