The Coronavirus brings the children. One after the other. It starts in February 2020 in China. A ten-month-old Baby dies of multiple organ failure in a hospital in Wuhan. It is a 14-follows-Year-old in the province of Hubei. The child killers by Covid-19 does not remain in China. He knows no boundaries, is also in Europe and in the United States.

In Paris, dies Julie (†16). She was healthy before she contracted. She died on Friday. Last Saturday, Chicago announces the latest addition to the Corona-victims: The Baby is only nine months old! On Sunday Portugal’s screaming. A 14-year-old Boy is dead. Vitor had been admitted on Saturday. The passionate soccer player suffered from an ordinary psoriasis. You weakened the immune system. The Virus had an easy game. On Monday, bad news from Belgium shocked the world. Rachel choking on your lung disease, caused by Covid-19. She was only twelve. And in Indonesia, dies at 20. In March, an 11-year-old girl on the Coronavirus – the positive result of the test was announced only a few days ago.

many a child would have saved

may be It is not only the early death, the tearing of the heart. It is also the part of devastating circumstances, the cost, especially Julie and Rachel, the life. The Parisian Teenager comes in with severe flu symptoms in a hospital, then in another. Two rapid tests negative. The mother drives the girl home. His condition is deteriorating. Then the hospital reports. The Test was positive. Julie comes with a blue light on the intensive care unit, is ultimately intubated. Too late.

Also, Rachel from the Belgian city of Ghent might have can be saved. The twelve-year-old has a cough. The doctor advises rest. Rachel is in the following days better. The family breathes a sigh of relief. But on Monday, the girl suddenly collapses. The parents are from Ghana. You call the police. There is only the answering machine goes. You stammer in the excitement of your call for help on the tape. As this is bugged, the staff in the placement office effort to understand the voice message.

police sent neither Patrol nor sick

the Director of The placement office car confirmed to “Het Nieuwsblad”, the Federal police received an “incomprehensible call” have. The people had clearly been in a panic and would have been yelling at each other, says Erwin Hertens in the Belgian newspaper. The idea of a police patrol or to send an ambulance, were not the officials, however.

The parents of Rachel are waiting for the ambulance, which did not come. Finally, a neighbor of the choking child to the hospital. The lungs failed shortly thereafter. Rachel is dead.