“I have five days to get Carsten to wake up. Otherwise, it’s happened with karin’s Home-made,” reads the judgment from Thomas Nun, when he sæsonpremieren on ‘With the knife for the throat’ is on the way to the restaurant in Næstved, denmark.

the Intentions were good, as Carsten, who has a background as a PLUMBING’is, took over karin’s Home for a half a year ago. But his lack of experience as a restaurateur, has created challenges, and therefore he hopes that Thomas Nun can help him and the restaurant on the right path.

the Place is suffering in a poor economy and the lack of guests – and especially the latter problem becomes evident when the cook arrives to the site.

There is not a soul to find at the restaurant in the old warehouse. Not even an employee. A puzzled Thomas Nun must therefore, as you can see in the clip above, take alternative means of use for all to be welcomed.

First he goes around a bit and looking at the opdækkede tables. And then he starts to talk with himself.

“Is there a bell, I don’t have enabled,” he asks, and begins waving his arms. But there is still nothing.

As reminder, he is right on some chairs to make a little noise. Nothing. So he does it again. And finally, something happens. A woman steps forward at the counter and greets and subdued.

Thomas Nun can just take a seat, where he will. And he does so. And so he waits a bit again. Finally, the dolls owner up. For a slightly awkward ordudveksling, reading the menu up to the chef. Site use not menu.

A somewhat confused Thomas Nun comes after hearing of the courts, that he just must have one of each. And with a little difficulty, he also ordered some water, before the owner Carsten retreating to the kitchen.

all in All quite a bizarre experience:

“That, I think, quite simply, is the most surreal arrival I’ve ever had at a restaurant,” notes the tv cook, who also is current in the ‘Masterchef’.

It is clear that tjeneroplevelsen not in the top. Nor the food is anything to shout hurray for, and it is clear that Thomas Nun has a bigger task ahead. If he manages to help Peter, can you look at Viaplay and on TV3 at 21.

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