In the United States summed up the results of primaries in Ohio, in terms of the epidemic COVID-19 conducted exclusively by mail. In the democratic contests has expectedly won the one remaining in the race candidate Joe Biden. Meanwhile, his triumphal March to the party nomination marred by sexual scandal, traces of which stretch in the 1990-ies. “Kommersant” tried to understand how the seemingly forgotten history will affect the presidential race of 2020.”Just a few weeks we did what other States have required years: has created the opportunity to switch entirely to vote by mail”, — proudly said the head of the office of the Governor of Ohio Frank Laros. Originally the Ohio primary, scheduled for March 17, but was postponed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Now this experience can certainly be useful in holding a nationwide vote on 3 November if the epidemiological situation will not improve, and at least in some regions it is decided to vote by mail. Nevertheless, Joe Biden won a decisive victory, gaining 72.4% of votes and with the support of the 96 delegates at the party Congress. Bernie Sanders, who supported Mr. Biden, but from the race not out to “collect” the delegates and to defend their positions at the Congress in negotiations with Joe Biden— has enlisted the support of four representatives (16.6% of votes).However, the Grand ascension of Joe Biden for the nomination from the party is not so smooth: in the American press broke the scandal with his participation. In a violent sexual assault policy have accused Tara Reid, who worked as the assistant to the then Senator Joe Biden in the 1990-ies. And before she has reported sexual harassment by the boss, but not talked about more serious action on his part.Mrs. reed explained: in the summer of 1993 she was asked to convey to the head of the bag. The meeting was to be held in the “semi-private” room in the Senate building (not public, but not reserved for one person — we can talk about the premises for the Senator and his assistants). According to Tara Reid, after receiving the bag, Mr. Biden pinned her to the wall and started kissing her face and neck. Then he put one hand on her chest, a knee parted her legs and the second hand climbed under her skirt. “It all happened instantly. Here he says something, but his hand is everywhere. He kissed me and said very quietly: “I Want somewhere alone”?” — described the situation of Mrs. reed.According to her, she recoiled and Joe Biden stopped their harassment. “He looked at me surprised, even shocked look. He said, “come on, I heard you like me”. Then point the finger at me and continued: “You are nothing to me. Nothing!” And then put his hand on my shoulder�� and said, “it’s okay, you’re okay”,”— said Tara Reid.Then the girl told her mother, and she advised her to contact the police. But Mrs. reed just complained to the members of the staff of Joe Biden on harassment on his part, silent about how he molested her. Those did not respond, and then the victim went to the staff Department of the Senate. In retaliation, the assistants of Senator deprived her of most of the responsibilities transferred to the office without Windows began to fix her all sorts of obstacles, and then fired.”It is outrageous that the allegations made against Senator Biden. I don’t remember her. I don’t remember this conversation. And I’d remember if he had a place,” commented the news Dennis Toner, who worked in those years, the senior assistant to the Senator and, according to Mrs. reed, received her complaint. Similarly said about everything happening and Maryann Baker, chief aide to Senator Biden: “I’ve never seen, never heard and has not received any reports of inappropriate behavior. Never. Neither Mrs. Reid nor anyone else. I do not know and do not remember the events, which tells Mrs. reed, and would have made me as a woman and to Manager a lasting impression.” Her statement was issued by the staff of Joe Biden.However, his witnesses have Tara Reid. In an interview with Insider her words confirmed Linda Lakes women in those years were roommates. Back in 1995 or 1996, Mrs. reed told Mrs. Lacass about the attack. “He pinned her to the wall, climbed under her skirt and penetrated her with his fingers. She understood that this attack, but thought that can not do anything, recalled a neighbor of Tara Reid.— She was crying, this is very hard to she was given. Remember that advised her to write a statement to the police.” Publishing Insider with the help of open source found that both women in 1995 really lived in the same apartment building.Another witness on the side of Mrs. reed — a former aide to Senator Jack O’connell, Lauren Sanchez, with which Tara Reid worked from 1994 to 1996. “Reid told me that she was molested by her previous boss when she worked in Washington, and then she complained about it and fired her,” said Mrs. Sanchez. She said he can’t remember, did Tara Reid, Joe Biden, or the specific details of the attack. However, Lauren Sanchez remembers precisely that assured Tara Reid: like in the new place of work will not be repeated.Soon, the case surfaced and the video footage: in the Internet appeared the video from the TV show “Larry King Live”, released in 1993. Broadcast to the master phoned the woman and said that her daughter “had problems” with the American Senator. “I want to know what the assistant can do, except to go to the press. My daughter just left there she worked for famous��th Senator, and she had nobody to turn to with their problems. She could go to the press, but didn’t out of respect for him” he tells the caller to the host.Tara Reid is convinced it was her mother. In 2016, in conversation with the publication of The Intercept Mrs. reed mentioned the call of the mother on the TV show, though the exact date could not be called — came to the aid of Internet users who found the desired program.In the end, she went to the police. “I am ready to testify under oath and to work with law enforcement, because it was. Even if it was 26 years ago,” she said. However, the Statute of limitations in her case came out, the police first announced an active investigation, said that the proceedings suspended. “I want to be heard fairly and impartially. And I want to hear the answer Joe Biden that he has not given,” explained Tara Reid his position, saying he is not surprised by this result and will continue to fight for the truth.It’s hard to say how this scandal will affect the ratings of Joe Biden. But now, according to aggregator RealClearPolitics election polls, it in popularity ahead of his rival, incumbent President Donald trump, 6.3% (48,3% vs. 42%).Alexey Naumov