While some actors worried about the lack of work in reality, others went to work on udalenku. That’s what happened to Alexander Roebuck, Anna Mikhalkova, Boris Dergachev, Anna Kotova-deryabinoy, Olesya Zheleznyak, Yulia Alexandrova, Gosha Kutsenko and Michael Kremer. They all starred in screenlife-the sitcom “Seadome” the producers Valery Fedorovich and Eugene Nikishova. All his characters are on the isolation and call each other via video link.

the New series come out once a week. The series had one of the first, and has already won love of the audience. Robak plays Gennady Borisovich – the owner of a network of household shops “Klingon” in Podolsk, which is trying to save your business in the era of the pandemic. Single and a drinker, a former Colonel in the Federal security service, part-time head of security and logistics Serge Dergach is the hero of Gosha Kutsenko. He dug in the country with a stock of alcohol and supplies contradictory information from questionable informants than intimidate colleagues. Wife of Gennady B. (Julia A.) will not break in Bali. Ex-wife performed by Anna Mikhalkova time in quarantine does not lose… the Project is good because it many Russians recognize themselves and their friends, and the continuation of the sitcom everyone sees on their computer screens almost every day.

by the Way, the PREMIER video platform launched during a pandemic, the first international reality TV show created by Comedy Club Production. The project <Closed world> – and six of them are in different parts of the globe, but it feels like all of them – at arm’s length. This effect is created due to the fact that the whole shooting heroes carry out on their smartphones. New York, tel Aviv, Moscow, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Hossegor (French coast) – yet they never were so close to each other. The new series come out on Tuesdays and Fridays.

a Documentary reality “Isolation” made their heroes famous artists. Heroes of the project – known artists who also lost the opportunity to star in a movie due to global isolation and decided to shoot your own movie about how life has changed millions of Russian people all over the world. Hope Mikhalkov, Pavel Tabakov, Maxim lagashkin, Yuri Kolokolnikov and other stars of film, sports, journalism, music, and Russian and foreign doctors to communicate via video using topical themes related to the pandemic: from conspiracy theory to global problems in the world economy.

the Heroes get in touch with each other and with people of different ages and professions, who live in Russia, America, Italy, UAE, France, China, Bali and other countries. The people talking to the characters, show their way of life, the world around them, their neighbors and how to change them life.

the Director Konstantin Bogomolov has presented to his fans the show “Secure communication” is about love on “udalenke” format screenlife.

In the center of the plot – the story of three couples whose relationship develops during the period of quarantine. The series tells the story of three couples of different age – thirty honeymooners, the elderly in divorce and adolescents from different cities. The screen doesn’t divide, it unites them. Love Aksenova and Igor mirkurbanov, Nadezhda Markina and Sergey Sosnovsky, Nikita Efremov, Maria Shumakova, Alexander Child, Leonid Bichevin, these actors are engaged in the series.

Also Bogomolov prepared for the service “remote” interview series – “Crown out”. This is a joint project with the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya, in which the Director talks with Marina Suginoi, Vladimir Mishukova, Irina Starshenbaum and other actors. Of course, on video. New releases appear on the START every week on Tuesdays. And the episodes of “Secure communication” on Wednesdays and Sundays, two times a week.

by the Way, before during YouTube-broadcast Some of the TV channel “Kino TV” producer Irina Pine told that Konstantin Bogomolov plans to shoot a feature film and the movie series based on screenlife-format “Secure communication”.

the sketch show #of umuseso heroes learn to cope with life in quarantine and are looking for perusopetus yourself. Topical format Screenlife tried on: Philip Kirkorov, Mikhail Galustyan, Olga Medynich, Marina Fedunkiv, Maxim lagashkin, Yana Koshkina, Mikhail Tarabukin, Vladimir Sychev and other stars.

Philip played peers – most popular actor left without exorbitant fees. Psychologist “on the brink” played by Olga Medynich. Her character really hate your own husband in the execution of the real husband of the actress Jemal of Tetruashvili. On a new sketch show worked for several Directors: Rustam Ilyasov, Marius Weisberg, mark Gorobets Konstantin Smirnov. In the frame the audience sees video conferencing, stories, live broadcasts, posts on social networks and other relevant digital formats. The project is on two series in a week. Only 10 episodes.

New skinlist-series “All together” is the story of friends who meet regularly in the chat and discuss the rapidly changing life of each under the pressure of a pandemic, and regime isolation. “No member of the crew has not left his apartment during the preparatory and film – making period,” say the creators. The actors got the shooting boxes with equipment and props via Express delivery. All work with the Director was conducted in an online format.

Just the series 8 episodes. Starring: Danila Yakushev, Daniel Vakhrushev, Yuliya Topol’nitskiy, Igor Chekhov, Rina Grishina, Ilya Pale announced the Virus. In the story, gosh and Lera sobiralis to arrange a weekend party with friends and announce that you’re expecting. However, the virus and panic intervened in plans guys. Joining the General movement #stayhome gosh and Leroy brought the party to a remote format, inviting everyone in chat. As it turned out, the virus has already affected the lives of their friends: little shop of comics Petit on the verge of bankruptcy, Sasha moved to udalenku and worrying about his work and skeptical to all this hype Roma suspicious coughs.

Also Okko launched series “Nagiyev quarantined”. This is the story of the actor Dmitry Nagiyev, which unfolds in a totally new reality: the past 10 years, he worked around the clock tirelessly, and now all of a sudden fell out of the normal rhythm of life and was in isolation. Nagiev opens new horizons for humanity. Now he is watering the flowers, talking to couriers, planting potatoes in case the pandemic will develop, prepares the food, arranges live broadcasts from the gym, talking to the astrologer on the subject of mercury retrograde and does homework with the kids. In the project – 10 episodes lasting up to 15 minutes. Partners Nagiyev popular actors and stars of show business. However, this show is not done in the format of screenlife – it is removed with all precautions.

Comedy series “Bezumie” talks about how to put the show online. Igor Vernik plays in this of the actor Igor, Evgeniy Stychkin – actor Eugene, Maxim Matveev, actor Maxim, Kristina Asmus actress Christine, and Aglaia Tarasova actress Aglaia. The role the Director plays the Director of the series Alexander Molochnikov.

the plot of a fashionable Moscow Director eager to make a new show. But, unfortunately, all locked up, and he was stuck somewhere abroad. Together with well-known artists he has to rehearse remotely. However, not all goes according to plan, because relationships, sex and parents now also online. Yes, and the performance adds to the madness, after all, in the title role – a real sheep…

the Series consists of 8 episodes for 15-20 minutes. The new series come out every week.

Directors Peter Olevsky and Stanislav Irklievsky implemented the concept in a blended format: actors and Directors work remotely while in quarantine, a series removed with one plan in real time, without gluing, combining the genres Screen Life and reality show. The team was also joined by media actors, the actors Studio of Michael Chekhov and undergraduates-from playwrights workshop Theatre Institute named Shchukin. Four series have already been removed, now in production, the following eight scenarios of subsequent episodes in development. Just stories about twenty.