In the building № 1 in Moscow multidisciplinary palliative care center is undergoing major renovations. Work will be completed in the fall. The building is located at the address: ulitsa Dvintsev, house 6, structure 1.

In the hospital the palliative care Centre in the street Dvintsev has 200 beds. Today, they are in the main building (house 6, structure 2). This building plan to repair in 2021. In the result, the bed capacity of the hospital will remain, but will create comfortable conditions for patients and their families in the two buildings. Each of them will be for 100 beds.

will work Here 227. 29 doctors, 90 nurses and 108 other employees. Also, the center will continue to work with volunteers.

“there was complete devastation. In addition to the core walls, there is almost nothing left — will be guests of the chamber, the premises will be properly equipped to a very high standard. This housing will open in the fall of 2020”, — said the Mayor.

In the building № 1 is equipped comfortable rooms for the patients — they are designed for one to four people. Each will be a separate bathroom, as well as lifts to move patients with limited mobility and multifunctional bed with electric drive, which will allow the patient to feel independent. For those who can’t breathe, going to be the Department, equipped with oxygen supply system.

She added that the bed has a railing for which the patients can hold on to, there are steps for the feet and anti-slip Mat. “Also all rooms will be equipped with lifts. If a person is too heavy or too fragile, then it is placed on a lift that can move across the chamber,” added Anna Federmesser.

the new building will make the offices of ultrasonography and ECG, which will be equipped with the most modern equipment. Will purchase mobile x-ray machine — it will allow to carry out the necessary tests in any case. Will not need once again to transport patients from building to building. Also the building will have an Elevator.

the first floor will be wide exits, through which people on beds and wheelchairs will be able to get outside for walks in the Park. Here, housing a cafe and pantry-handout (dining room), and on the second floor there is a canteen for the staff.

To date, experts have carried out work to strengthen the Foundation of building # 1. They fortified window and door openings, and six brick and 19 of the monolithic columns was replaced by a metal. Completely renovated the roof, dismantled the old threat the curtain wall. Now anemoutsa device of internal heating networks and water supply, installation of cladding facade panels and air ducts, the arrangement of the Elevator shaft, as well ase finishing work on floors.

In 2019 tidied the kitchen, located in the building № 3 at the address: ulitsa Dvintsev, Dom 6, stroenie 3. In July 2020 began a major renovation in four buildings, which will house the first branch of nursing care for patients needing round-the-clock surveillance, with diseases such as senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Offices located at:

— street of Academician millionshchikova, house 1, structure 2 (capacity of 113 beds);

— ulitsa shkuleva, 4 (capacity of 85 beds);

— shipkovsky lane, house 19, structure 1 and 2 (capacity of 84 beds).

Moscow multidisciplinary center for palliative care was created in 2015 on the former site of clinical hospital No. 11, which specializes in providing medical care to the terminally ill.

In 2017, it included the First Moscow hospice named after V. V. Millionshikova. It included eight branches in different districts of the capital:

— CAO (street Dovatora, the house 10. District Khamovniki);

— SEAD (2nd vol’skaya street, house 21. District Nekrasovka);

— in the South (3-I Radial street, house 2A. Biryulyovo Vostochnoye);

— in the South (street Clearing, house 4. The district of North Butovo);

— in JCSC (Kurkinskoe shosse, Dom 33. District Kurkino);

— in the Area (the city of Zelenograd, building 1701. District Kryukovo);

in Sao (Taldomskaya street, house 2A. District of West Degunino);

— in the North-East (1st Leonova street, house 1. District Rostokino).

the Total capacity of the palliative care Center is 440 beds for adult patients.

last year, opened the ninth branch of the First Moscow children’s hospice with 30 beds. It is located at the address: Chertanovskaya street, house 56a (district Chertanovo Yuzhnoye). It was created on the basis of the former Centre of palliative help to children, a branch of INSTITUTION of the city of Moscow “Scientific-practical center of specialized medical care for children of a name of V. F. Voyno-Yasenetsky”.

In the branches of the Centre for palliative care employs 1435 employees — 205 doctors, 506 paramedical staff and 724 of the employee medical, pharmaceutical and other personnel.

Experts suggest patients symptomatic treatment (relieving severe symptoms of the disease), trained relatives self-care, provide psychological and psychotherapeutic support, advise on social issues.

Patients receive the necessary care in the inpatient and leave the house. The separation of the field of palliative care is based in the New areas to the address: settlement Voronovskoe, the village of LMS, the Central district, building 25B.

every year in the capital of palliative care need more than 60 thousand people, including about three thousand children. In stationary conditions of such assistance have adults in the palliative care Center and e��about eight branches, as well as on the basis of 10 General hospitals — they deployed 1120 beds palliative profile. And children care is provided in three hospitals (77 beds).

last year the grant for the provision of palliative care in stationary conditions received non-state Central clinical hospital of St. Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow Russian Orthodox Church.

In the first half of 2020 palliative care in hospitals received 18 191 adult patients and 658 children (2019 — 42 810 804 adults and a child).

to provide palliative care at home, has arranged 16 visiting nursing services. For adults — 14 visiting nursing services. For children, two visiting nursing service on the basis of the First Moscow children’s hospice and the Morozov children’s city clinical hospital.

At the beginning of this year, the Center for palliative care began to conduct educational activities after obtaining the appropriate license. At its base are trained physicians from across the country. So, during combat the spread of coronavirus infection, the lectures were attended by more than 300 professionals.

the Number of visiting nursing services in the near future will increase. Their professionals provide medical assistance to terminally ill patients with difficult kupiruemye serious manifestations of the disease, write prescriptions at the bedside, doing anesthesia, potent drugs. They also provide medical products for use at home, perform complex dressing bedsores and tumor decays, organize individual posts on home (heavy death nontransportable patients, severe social situation).

as of 2018, laying doctors to provide palliative care at home includes narcotic and psychotropic drugs, and prescriptions for such drugs. This allows you to quickly stop serious symptoms at home, not hospitaleira of the patient. One brigade for pain relief works in Moscow around the clock.

last year, the staff of the outreach services visited the home more than 100 thousand patients. A huge contribution to the provision of palliative care in the outpatient setting contributes to children’s hospice “House of a lighthouse”. This is a private medical charity.

working around the Clock coordination centre for palliative care, which helps to solve emerging organisational issues such as registration, transportation, direction of the medical staff to provide care at home and the organization of hospitalization, including transport. Phone center: +7 (499) 940-19-48.

In Moscow, there are 79 pharmacies in which go drugs and psychotropic ve��of assets by prescription. 27 of them have the right to make them. These pharmacies attached Moscow multidisciplinary center for palliative care, its affiliates (hospices) and the charity Fund “house with the lighthouse.”

According for the second quarter of this year, narcotic and psychotropic drugs provided 7.2 thousand patients. All of them receive medical care on an outpatient basis.

Patients who were observed at home, the palliative care Center provides rehabilitation equipment, medical devices and consumables to them beyond the Federal list. For example, in the first quarter of this year, 417 adults provided the necessary equipment (424 units). 56 devices for artificial ventilation of lungs, 336 oxygen concentrators 32 otkalyvalis. During this same period, equipment for respiratory support was given to 94 children.

in addition, issued a reminder to doctors and patients, which contains all information about pain therapy. Employees of health care organizations regularly hold training sessions, workshops, speak at medical and nursing conferences and medical forums. There they talk about palliative care, treatment of chronic pain syndrome.

For the relatives of terminally ill patients round the clock hot line of charity Fund “Faith”: +7 (800) 700-84-36.

Palliative care in Moscow plan to develop further. So, I want to increase the number of outreach services and home visits to patients who are at home, to expand the provision of medical products, medicines, specialized products for therapeutic nutrition. Plan to increase the number of palliative care beds and the allocation of their composition is 30-40 percent of the beds in nursing care for patients who do not need round-the-clock medical attention, but there is a need for skilled nursing care.

will Also develop a system of professional training of medical personnel, more staffed by those medical organizations that provide palliative care. In addition, it is expected the development of interagency cooperation between medical, social organizations and socially oriented NGOs. With this, you’ll discover a multidisciplinary approach to provide patients and their families comprehensive palliative care. It includes medical and psychosocial support.