the Correspondent “RG” asked authoritative in the Balkans, political analyst Dragomir of Andjelkovic to Express their attitude to the raised by the President of the Russian Federation acute issues. The Serb as the response prepared the text under the symbolic title “the Lessons of history against the destructive tyranny” which, given its importance, will be given in full:

“Two statements about history are very popular in the Anglo-Saxon world, one Roman and the other American. The ancient adage says: “History is the teacher of life”. Contemporary, the author of which is famous American politician, Henry Kissinger, it seems at first glance similar, but, in fact, is different. Judge: “History is the memory of States”.

memory is the guideline for actions. But the problem is that memory is subjective. Individuals and Nations often do not remember what exactly, and forget the truth. It happens without tampering with the truth. Here, in a spontaneous and often systematically distorted memory, lurks a great danger for people, Nations around the world. And even for those who are in the field of history and other fields selfishly working against the other. In the end, a lie is often returned like a boomerang and affects those who distribute it.

About it, calmly and reasonably, no phobias, conscientiously and energetically resembles Vladimir Putin in his article. Through the history of the Second world war, preceding and subsequent events, the Russian President spoke about the present and the future of humanity. Many of those rhetorically talk about the history of how the “teacher of life”, not to extract lessons from it. They use it in their own geopolitical interests, and is, as time has shown, and dangerous for them.

We live in a time of double standards and gross abuse thesis about democracy and human rights. While some about this with enthusiasm they say, the rights of others aggressive, often violated by those who most loudly swears in upholding the aforementioned values. The evidence of this is best experienced Russian and Serbs, which still is not just a word propagandistic. But it’s beginning to feel both the Americans and the British and some other Western Nations, believes that the global structure, built on the basis of lies, will always benefit them and will be the basis of their domination.

Today, when the frenzied crowd destroys monuments in America and England, when the centuries-old historical traces be erased, and the idea of the state is ridiculed, it is time to talk about the rewriting of history, its instrumentalization and the boomerang effect that happens. Putin masterfully made it through the review of the Munich agreement and the subsequent division of Czechoslovakia, via reviewed��e the causes, course and consequences of the Second world war, analyzing the unscrupulousness of those who give themselves the right to arbitrate morality.

He did all this not only in the name of truth about the past but for the future. Now, when the world was once again at the dangerous intersection, the story should really serve to help us to avoid new tragedies. Those who selfishly think only about themselves, usually don’t want really to learn the lessons of history and not allow others to do so, but they reached the point where they will have to think more deeply about how it is harmful. It is not a question – I repeat it – only about the game with other people’s destinies, but also about their survival! I hope they are smart enough to figure it out!

Global contradictions led to a complete reversal in the relations of the great powers. At the national level have a lot of destructive rain. Now we see in what dangerous direction moves the existing world. To avoid the harmful fire, calling into question someone’s survival and future conditions of existence, we have to act energetically, without losing time.

Summing up the many years of efforts of the Russian international policies aimed at preserving global peace and stability in one of the big initiatives at the end of his historically grounded text of the Russian President proposed to hold a meeting of leaders of the key countries of the victors of world war II, and since 1945, the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

At the summit of the “five”, as Putin said, would discuss “steps to develop collective principles in world Affairs, to speak frankly about the issues of preserving peace, strengthening global and regional security, strategic arms control, joint efforts in countering terrorism, extremism and other pressing challenges and threats”. And among them, he rightly pointed out as a particularly important theme – “the situation in the global economy, especially the economic crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus”. Let’s not forget the great conflicts arise from the depths of a huge economic and financial problems!

Russian President concludes: “Based on common historical memory, we can and should trust each other. This will provide a solid basis for successful negotiations and concerted action for the sake of strengthening stability and security in the world, for the prosperity and well-being of all States.” As an experienced politician, he is certainly aware that “we can and should” is often far from what is happening at the moment. But at key moments it is important to identify the ideals to which we should aspire. About��and will not be achieved quickly or completely, but it is important to have a guide leading to salvation.

the World needs a benchmark, and a good opportunity to work on its establishment was to meet the leaders of the great powers. Should be no illusion that even after the summit, all the problems will disappear overnight, but if the idea of Vladimir Putin will be implemented, it will begin the movement towards the resolution of the most dangerous global challenges. The summit itself will be a symbol of goodwill, and sooner or later the results will be a good solution.

there is only one question that hangs ominously over all of us: whether the leaders of major Western countries, especially the United States, finally that will or at least whether they are ready to begin to realize that they had reached the stage where further insistence on the pernicious tyranny of costly and their peoples? The fate of humanity depends on the answer to this question.”