the head of the largest cancer center in the Balkans – Institute of Oncology and radiology in Belgrade, thanked the Russian experts for the NBC protection, which once again held disinfection so important for Serbia medical object.

“We will not stop, we must work with Oncology patients all the time of a pandemic. The assistance of the Russian troops is very large. Without them, without their work the situation of disease of novel coronavirus infection in the Institute would have been much worse!” – said the Director of the Institute, Professor Danica Grujicic.

meanwhile, a reputable Serbian doctor in interview to TV channel “Prva” expressed doubts about COVID-19 arose and developed to its current state in a purely evolutionary way. “When people play God they usually get on the nose – said Grujicic. – Someone (COVID-19) created, maybe deliberately, I don’t want to be a supporter of conspiracy theories, however, this coronavirus can not really be of natural origin, and humanity must find ways to counteract him.”

the Institute of Oncology and radiology in Belgrade in normal mode, receives more than 2,000 cancer patients who undergo diagnosis and treatment, eight radiolaboratory radiation therapy in about 700 patients. In terms of the spread of coronavirus infection the amount of cancer patients is reduced to reduce the contact between people, but to stop the work of the Institute is because it affects the lives of many people. Due to the high significance of the medical facility of the Russian military chemists carry out the processing for the second time.

of All Russian combined force in force in Serbia, carried out a complex disinfection measures on 154 sites in 30 cities. Military doctors have examined and participated in the treatment of more than 785 patients with COVID-19.