In the ‘Sommerdrømme’ to four pairs over the summer, transforming the empty boligskalder to their dream of a sanctuary. The pair that wins, gets to keep the cottage to a value of 2 million dollars.

The 1. april sent the first section of the SCREEN 2-program ‘Sommerdrømme’, where four couples leaving their home over the summer and go against Hvide Sande, where they have the chance to win their drømmesommerhus. The pairs draw lots for four holiday homes of 100 square meters, each of them must build finished and decorate.

Each pair receives 310.000 dollars, and each week a new part of the houses stand ready for the tough judges assessment. The judges will announce every week a few that have done the best job, and this couple gets an advantage for next week.

Besides the competition between the teams, it sounds also as though there may be frictions among themselves in pairs, in line with the competition coming to a head.

The 31-year-old actor, singer and tv host Pelle Emil Hebsgaard occurs in the role as the host, and the weekly expert evaluations carried out by the knowledgeable dommerpar consisting of Camilla Kjems, former editor-in-chief on the magazines Femina and Decorating, and Jacob Carlsson, who is a carpenter and has his own company.


Meet the four couples, as soon as may be followed on the screen in their pursuit of the perfect sanctuary.

Josefine, 29, and Katherine, 25, Frederiksberg

Josephine and Katherine are sisters and grew up on a farm in Djursland. They love the outdoors and are creative and active. Josefine is a trained landscape architect, and Katrine is soon finished as anthropologist. They dream of a cottage, which should be the focal point for the entire family. They are more out – than indemennesker, and they love to be by the sea.

“Our cottage to be filled with love, curiosity and projects. As a family we have always had odd ideas in the boil, and it is something we gather. We love to sew, draw and cut in stone, and our creative inputs will help to create an authentic décor in the quiet environment.”

Laura, 25, and Isse, 25, Copenhagen, denmark

Laura and the Vertex has been in a relationship for a few years. Laura is studying in CBS, while the Vertex working with disadvantaged children and young people. They love to get away from everyday life on a small weekend get-aways. The dream of a sanctuary where they can gather family and friends. Isse was born in Somalia and came to Denmark at the age of six. Laura and the Vertex have known each other through their youth and in high school, but it was only after school that they were lovers.

“Our cottage is going to be a multicultural paradise, where the North sea meets Africa. We are happy for nordic, clean lines, but at the same time a preference for the ethnic in the form of earthy tones, natural materials and patterns. Cooking and socializing are important elements in our lives, and we will therefore focus on creating space and place for this – both indoor and outdoor.”

Maja, 29, and James, 29, Videbaek

Maja and Anders is married and has two girls aged four and a half years. Maja is a trained graphic designer and works at the House of Finn Juhl and love it, because there are so many beautiful furniture, you must sit in. Anders has been in learn as a cabinetmaker, but is now working as a substitute teacher and a teacher of music. They have renovated their 70’s – house from scratch, and in the basement, Anders has his workshop, where he goes and builds furniture.

“We dream to create a sanctuary for the family, where we can spend the weekends. We love the North sea and the Danish nature. The cottage should be a place with space for contemplation, where there is a focus on the detail, and it is important for us that there will be created a thread in the cottage. The primary materials will be wood in combination with bl.a. terrazzo, as well as significant farveinput.”

Cassia, 52, and Charles, 62, Frederikshavn

Cassia and Charles are married and met each other in Brazil, where Cassia was a police officer in Sao Paolo. Charles is a trained engineer and has been sailing on the seven seas and is now retired. Cassia is working as a pædagogmedhjælper in a kindergarten. They enjoy inviting friends and family home, where there grines, danced, and eaten good food. Cassia has a son at 33 years old, living in Spain, but they see him as often as possible.

“We dream to create a sanctuary, where the door is open and all are welcome. Cassia is in love with the nordic peace and order, but can not deny its south american ancestors, when it comes to colors in interior design. We want soul in our cottage must reflect who we are, and the style should be rustic/natural/recycled materials.”

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