China took the first blow of the coronavirus, and the first coped with the disease. To prevent a second wave of the disease, the government of China are willing to take serious measures. For example, begin to monitor violations of the quarantine with everywhere stuck cameras. However, many experts believe that a pandemic is a very convenient excuse to tighten control over the population.

the German journalist Frederik the Race moved from Wuhan to Beijing. According to the rules in force in the territory of China, she was forced for two weeks to spend in quarantine. This is absolutely normal practice, and it is no surprise from the journalist.

Surprise caused Chinese workers who came to install the CCTV camera opposite the door of the apartment Frederica. This camera power had the opportunity to follow – does not violate a journalist quarantine and if she wandered out of the house against the orders of the authorities.

“The worst thing is that over time you get used to such things,” said Frederick Boege edition of Daily Mail. In addition, the reporter noted that the camera is not the only means of tracking used in China.

“I’m sure that the guards and cleaners on site will report me if I will come,” – said the journalist.

she already had such experience: in March, she returned to China from Thailand and was quarantined. After a few days Running, went to take out the trash. Noticed a local lady, who told the authorities about any violation of the quarantine. Then the problem was resolved, but the case is significant.

Now the Chinese authorities seem to have decided that relying on a keen and socially responsible cleaners have little, and decided to install cameras in front of the homes of people quarantined. In particular, it touched on living in China expats who are forced to spend time in the isolation mode.

Although the camera is not limited to – the Chinese ask the neighbors of those who sit in quarantine, to be vigilant and to report any violations of this regime. Also on some doors installed magnetic alarm, which will signal if the door is open. According to the official version this is necessary in order to avoid the risk of new infections. Unofficial version is much more extensive.

China currently is building the world’s largest surveillance system, which aims to recognize any of the 1.4 billion citizens within three seconds, the magazine writes Daily Mail. The creation of such a national network is scheduled for completion later this year. In many present-day camera, which was supposed to protect against the spread of coronavirus, can be considered a testing of the system in combat conditions, without any disturbance from the naseleniya – because of the pandemic is afraid of everything.

By the end of this year, for the life of the people of China will follow already 626 million cameras – that is about one camera for every two people in the country. All of these cameras will be connected to a single system that will determine the identity of the person.

De facto, this means that the authorities of China will have access to all the movements of its citizens. The picture, reminiscent of Orwell’s dystopia “1984”. This is the opinion of analyst and security Paul Bischoff. In an interview with “Mail Online” he said: “China has increased supervision long before the coronavirus. Pandemic gave the authorities a pretext for accelerating the deployment of video surveillance systems”.