China is skeptical of the meeting of the UN security council. Fear it ends with criticism of China, say diplomats.

the UN security council will on Thursday meet to discuss the coronavirus after weeks of hesitation and disagreement.

It will be the first meeting in the Security council on how the pandemic affects international security.

the UN secretary-general, António Guterres, will be in a closed session brief the 15 countries in the assembly. It will happen via a video link, informs the current presiding country, The Dominican Republic.

Germany and eight other members of the Security council has requested the meeting.

Diplomats say that China, in particular, seem to be skeptical about the meeting. The chinese diplomats fear that other countries will point their fingers at China.

Coronaviruses had its origins in the chinese city of Wuhan. Probably in december.

Sources said to the news agency dpa that the five permanent members of the Security council – the UNITED states, China, Russia, France and the united kingdom for several weeks has scheduled a meeting between their heads of state and government.

They have been more keen on such a meeting than a meeting of the Security council.

the Council has been criticised for not having found a common approach to how one should relate to the spread of the virus. And how it’s going to affect the international security.

Louis Charbonneau from the organization Human Rights Watch says to the newspaper the New York Times that the UN security council is “completely disappeared” in the middle of the global crisis.